Tejaswi Madivada Nursing Ankle Injuries Like A Boss

Recently, Tejaswi Madibada was practicing dancing at home and the actress broke her ankle when she landed on the wrong leg.
“The doctor advised me to take a full six-week rest to walk and a three-month rest to dance again. But anyway, none of us go anywhere because of the blockade. I don’t think it’s okay, “she adds lightly. But what’s important to her is that she managed to finish all the filmmaking in the meantime.


Despite the light story, for those who love glove trotting, Tejaswi has become restless because he can’t move his legs. “But my friend is making fun of me saying I need this pause to slow down,” she says with a smile.

But even before the ankle fracture, the current blockade hampered the actress’s travel plans. Talking about one of the reasons she loves traveling, Tejaswi says it helps to avoid thinking too much about marriage, relationships and other life thoughts.

“But when I’m bedridden, all those thoughts come to my mind, especially the idea that I’ll be thirty in a few weeks. I think the world is in such a dire place that none of us can go out. I didn’t want to sit in a wheelchair, but I have a beautiful house and veranda, how long can I stay indoors? “She asks, obviously not always accustomed to sitting in one place.

Rediscovery of art

In the bedridden story, ice cream The actress, however, reveals some thoughts about having a boyfriend. “I’ve moved from past relationships, and I’m not a game for any kind of relationship in my life. I think it’s enough,” he says with a smile.

“It’s been another experience for me to stay home so long. My friends helped me, but I realized I needed a partner, but at the same time I hate that.”

Tejaswi claims to be a person who always loves exploring different forms of art. In addition to picking up readings to stay positive in these times, she recently picked up paintings as a stress buster. And she reveals an interesting inside story.

“I tried painting when I was a kid, but I didn’t explore later. I recently met a friend in Brindavan, Karnataka. During this exchange, his father Reminded me of the painting. He talked about how the painting is the best form of manifestation. It somehow rekindled my interest, “she said in three months. I remember the actress who said she made about 10 paintings.

Natural remedies

Tejaswi says she is doing everything she can to prevent her injuries from weakening her mind during these difficult times. So, aside from painting and reading, she’s trying to wear various avatars to give her a humorous spin to her miserable state.

“I dressed like Valkyrie. A fictional superheroine appears. Marvel Comic. I even took pictures with that avatar, “she added, adding that she loves taking such pictures.

“I like to do different things because they bring me the best, and I’m trying different things to create humor and stay positive.” She adds.

Also, for the past five months, Tejaswi has been exploring nature extensively in a childlike manner. “I’m doing my best when I’m enjoying nature,” she said, adding that spending time with nature has always been therapeutic for her.

“For someone like me who likes extensive travel, sitting at home is really challenging, but that’s what I’ve been given in my life now, and what I’ve gained from traveling. I need similar experience. “

Tejaswi Madivada Nursing Ankle Injuries Like A Boss

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