Technology for Purpose-The Changing Pedagogy of Classroom Education

Technology can’t replace teachers in class, but it’s reshaping education for the future of children

In the last two years, the introduction of technology has

Changed how to trade in the classroom and how to evaluate students.


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When students return to the classroom, the school needs to carefully consider the long-term role of technology and adapt it to the curriculum of the class.

Mannish Sisodia, Deputy Prime Minister of Delhi

Leveraging technology for quality education

Manish Sisodia, Deputy Prime Minister of Delhi, said the development of the education sector would not be possible without technology. “The pandemic has been blessed by disguising the education sector as schools have been forced to use technology,” he said.

International Standard Education responded to the needs and moods of the region and needed to decipher the needs of Indian schools.

“Technology helps students achieve overall growth,” Sisodia explained.

mediawire_image_0Sumeet Mehta, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of LEAD

Sumeet Mehta, co-founder and CEO of LEAD, said School EdTech can truly empower teachers and help them with the tools and methods they need to teach well.

“It allows principals and school administrators to operate their schools as world-class institutions, and for children it can open access to learning beyond their local resources.” He informed.

mediawire_image_0Vrinda Sarup, Former Secretary of Education, Government of India

The concept of school is still important

Vrinda Sarup, a former Secretary of Education of the Government of India, said technology is a big enabler, but it needs the concept of a physical school to help children grow up. “There are social values ​​such as sharing, equality, honesty and skills such as dance, music and art, and children learn only in a school atmosphere,” she explained.

Sarup explained that the introduction of technology has changed the old teaching methods in the classroom. “Even in public schools, technology zooms in on the classroom and provides students with world learning. EdTech only enhances children’s abilities,” she added.

mediawire_image_0Narayan Ramaswamy, National Leader-Education and Skill Development, KPMG India

Impact of smartphones

Narayan Ramaswamy of KPMG India’s National Leader-Education and Skill Development explained that one of the reasons parents prefer to send their students to school over homeschooling is to ensure their children’s social development.

“In a village, if school students suddenly become part of a much larger world, it will help them in the medium to long term, but now in the short term, use the digital-only world and it Is used as a replacement for what we have, “he explained.

The pandemic forced the school to experiment and learn to use technology to educate. Therefore, education using technology and the Internet has become a daily occurrence.

mediawire_image_0Dr. Anil Sahaslavde, Chairman of the All India Technical Education Council

Dr. Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chair of the All India Council for Technical Education, said the use of EdTech as an artificial intelligence-based tutoring platform is helping students.

“A classroom where all the students are sitting together cannot meet the needs of all the children. This is where technology becomes an enabler,” says Dr. Sahasrabudhe.

When he saw where the student was, he said the technology program would take him on shorter or longer journeys, depending on the child’s abilities. EdTech will become a game changer in the education sector of the future by making digital technology available to more users and making it multidimensional using blended learning or artificial intelligence.

Teachers are now leveraging technology to reach out to students in ways previously unimaginable.

Disclaimer: This article was written by the Mediawire team on behalf of LEAD.

Technology for Purpose-The Changing Pedagogy of Classroom Education

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