Taliban denies allegations made in HRW report on Afghanistan

Kabul: The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has denied a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report stating that the collapse of the nation into a new administration has accelerated human rights crises and catastrophes.
In a statement on Friday, Taliban deputy spokesman Bilal Karimi claimed that the human rights situation was better than in the previous year in the country, TOLO News reported.
“We deny that women’s rights have been maintained since the Islamic Emirate came to power. These reports are misleadingly published,” Karimi added. rice field.
HRW in World Report 2022, released Thursday, said the political changes in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021 accelerated Afghanistan’s human rights crisis and humanitarian catastrophe.
The report further stated that the two most important achievements of women’s rights progress and free press since 2001 were rolled back after the Taliban hijacking.
HRW also expressed concern about what is called a further restriction on women.
“These included measures that severely restricted access to employment and education and restricted the right to peaceful meetings,” the report said.
In response to this report, women’s rights activist Naveeda Khurasani said, “The Islamic Emirate has banned many female workers from working. So what should women who are family earners do?” rice field.
The narrowing of space for media and journalists to work is another point HRW has emphasized as a result of political change, which has led to self-censorship and the closure of many media outlets in the country. “Many media outlets have closed or significantly reduced coverage, partly because many journalists have fled the country,” the report said.
The report also said that the collapse of the old government and subsequent political development exacerbated Afghanistan’s humanitarian catastrophe as Afghanistan’s central bank assets were frozen abroad, development aid was cut off, and the banking system collapsed. I am.
“We need to form a junior job. We need to invest in the banking system to counter the economic situation in the country,” said political analyst Kwaja Fahim Abbas.
In a 753 page report, HRW reviewed human rights practices in nearly 100 countries.
The report characterizes the human rights situation in Afghanistan as a “crisis.”

Taliban denies allegations made in HRW report on Afghanistan

Source link Taliban denies allegations made in HRW report on Afghanistan

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