Taliban claims to have entered the Panjshir Governor’s Office

The Taliban on Saturday claimed to have occupied Governor Panjshir’s office in a new clash with resistance in the valley.

According to unconfirmed reports, Taliban troops entered Bazarac, the capital of Panjshir, where they attacked the Governor’s Office.

Panjshir is the last state in Afghanistan and opposes the Taliban after a hardline rebel group took control of the country last month.

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Taliban sources denied the opposition went down the valley on Friday, but said group fighters had occupied the valley. Premature celebrations by armed groups, including firing guns in the air in Kabul, killed two people and injured 12 others, AP reported.

On Saturday, Taliban sources told Reuters that fighting continued in Panjshir, but was delayed due to land mines on the road to the capital Bazarac and the governor’s premises.

“Both demining and attacks are happening at the same time,” sources said.

Surrounded by mountains except for the narrow entrance, Panjshir did not immediately get independent confirmation of the event.

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Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front, which groups opposition forces loyal to local leader Ahmad Shah Massoud, said the Taliban troops had reached Durband’s height at the border between Kapisa and Panjshir, but were pushed back.

“The defense of Afghanistan’s home is unbreakable,” front spokesman Fahim Dashti said in a tweet.

In a Facebook post, Masoud insisted that his army would resist, and Panjshir “continues to stand strong in the fight.”

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Taliban claims to have entered the Panjshir Governor’s Office

Source link Taliban claims to have entered the Panjshir Governor’s Office

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