Take a look at some of her other works known for Harry Potter’s books

British writer, screenwriter, producer Joan Kathleen Rolling, or JK Rowling, under her spell when her first Harry Potter novel, the Philosopher’s Stone, was published in 1997. I gave birth to children all over the world. Readers around the world. Rolling has published seven Harry Potter books, creating eight movie adaptations, countless merchandise, and even theme park attractions. Apart from the fantasy series, Rolling also publishes several other works. On her birthday, we will look at four such books.

Casual vacancy (2012)

The adult novel begins with the death of a parish councilor in a town in southwest England, after which the townspeople are concerned about replacing vacant seats. The story explores themes of jealousy, social slander, childhood trauma, prostitution, and family tragedy. Casual vacation was adopted as a miniseries in 2015.

Call of parenthesis (2013)

Rowling took on the male pseudonym Robert Galbraith to draw attention from her fame as the author of Harry Potter. The first novel published under her pseudonym was the story of a criminal novel, the Call of Cuckoo. This is a detective novel featuring a private detective named Cormoran Strike, a amputee, courtesy of the War in Afghanistan. The strike investigates the mysterious death of a woman who jumped at her death. Rolling has produced four more novels featuring strikes.

Squid Bog (2020)

Rolling has returned to writing for the children of Ikabog. The story was published online in installments and later released in print. A political fairy tale about a monster called Ikabog who accused the disappearance of sheep and humans. The story also deals with an incompetent ruler helped by a greedy and corrupt political adviser. They impose heavy taxes on their subject to protect the capital from monsters and cause poverty.

Christmas pig (2021)

Rolling’s latest children’s novel is about a child’s desperate quest to find his favorite toys after getting lost. The Christmas Pig will be published on October 12, this year by the Hachette Children’s Group and Scholastic publications.

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Take a look at some of her other works known for Harry Potter’s books

Source link Take a look at some of her other works known for Harry Potter’s books

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