Taiwan will land fighters on the highway when annual training peaks

Taipei: Taiwanese fighters landed on a highway runway monitored by President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday. It is a skill that China needs to attack and target vulnerable air force bases in Taiwan when annual training peaks.

China puts military pressure on islands claiming to be “sacred” Chinese territory, hoping to force democratically elected governments to accept Beijing’s sovereignty, including repeated exercises near Taiwan I’m strengthening.

Re-elected due to a landslide last year with a vow to confront China, Tsai prioritized the modernization of Taiwan’s predominantly US-equipped army and turned it into a highly maneuverable and difficult-to-attack porcupine.

In addition to three fighters (F-16, French Mirage, and Cinkuo Indigenous Defense Fighters), the E-2 Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning landed in the countryside of southern Heito-gun. From the road to the runway.

Taiwan has five emergency highways throughout the island that can be used if an air force base is stolen by a Chinese attack. In other words, the Air Force can continue to operate.

Most of Taiwan’s air force bases are located on the flat west coast facing China, which could be subject to near-immediate heavy missiles and airstrikes in the event of a war.

On the east coast of Taiwan’s mountainous regions, there are two other air force bases, with hangers cut deep into the rocks to provide greater protection.

Highway training is the most dramatic, but a week-long Hankou training takes place around Taiwan to repel the Chinese invasion and practice protecting critical infrastructure and nighttime operations.

The Taiwanese Air Force scrambles almost daily to intercept Chinese aircraft flying into the air defense identification zone of an island near the Taiwan-controlled Platas Islands in the upper South China Sea.

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Taiwan will land fighters on the highway when annual training peaks

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