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Mentor MS Dhoni Is one Virat Kohli Funding a big cricket decision at the T20 World Cup
The camera approached the dressing room when India defeated England in the World T20 practice match on Monday. Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni had a deep conversation. It immediately told us a story.
If Captain Kori, known to be his own man, relies on someone to make a big cricket decision, it’s Doni. Kori made her debut under Doni and initially endured the difficult aspects of her career. It was Doni’s timeless belief in the batting ability of the Maestro in Delhi that helped Kori become a player today.
Interestingly, the beauty of Corridoni chemistry is that they are two very different people. If Kori is all about fire and passion, Doni is a calming effect. Kori knows that Doni can rely blindly on the strategy of tight limited overgames.
In 2018-19, the last year of Doni’s international career, we have seen in the field how they complement each other. Current mentors were fine-tuning the field as Kori often left the captain of the inner ring to Doni and continued to position the boundaries to allow Kori to make the most of his excellent throwing skills.

The 2019 ODI World Cup was a common dream for Kori and Doni. Kori really believed it was an Indian cup, but Doni was already on the other side of his thirties, changing his lifestyle to be the perfect shape for the tournament. The pain in Doni’s face after being caught a few centimeters below the ground by Martin Gaptil’s throw-in in the semi-finals quickly showed how painful it was.
But Doni still believed he had a chance to win the glory of the World Cup. His goal was the T20 World Cup in India in 2020. Covid delayed it by a year and realized that Doni could no longer compete in international cricket. There was a sense of unfinished business, but that didn’t mean that Doni knew he was coming back as a World T20 mentor in India. He taught himself a young cricket player at the end of the IPL game. The Chennai Super Kings dressing room for the past two years has been “open to everyone” for franchise players looking for free Doni tuition.
When CSK was preparing for the second phase of the recently signed IPL, it was Dubai that BCCI’s secretary Jay Shah offered Doni the opportunity to lead Team India. It wasn’t a straight Jesus from legend. He decided to take some time before confirming that he would play that role.
I don’t know who he talked to during the next week, but I can guess he talked with both Kori and Ravi Shastry before making the final decision.

Given Doni’s personality, he must have confirmed that when he boarded, he did not feel that there were “too many cooks” in the dressing room.
Doni is not claiming honor from BCCI because the money from one mission is no longer important to him. Rather, there is an emotional sensation that accompanies the T20 World Cup for men who are clearly “non-emotional.”
His journey as the best T20 strategist began with the first T20 World Cup in South Africa in 2007 and finally threw the ball at Jokinder Sharma against Pakistan. It was Doni’s instinct at the crucial moment that changed the course of Indian cricket history, and it is this instinct that Kori’s team is looking for.
Doni did it over and over again at CSK, but often won four titles rather than the best team on paper. But don’t forget that he was in the field at that time. That slight change in field placement, a 19-day momentary delay to put pressure on rival batters, let the bowler suggest a line of attack from behind the stump and let him do it with his quiet command. -These are all easy to do in the field. It will be very interesting to see how Doni conveys his ideas to Captain Kori over a 120-ball period during the course of this T20 World Cup. Because that is where the magic of Doni begins.

There’s no conflict between Kori and the idea, but where does this leave his last coaching mission, Shastri?
Undoubtedly, Mumbai men are nifty operators. He sees it all and gives the utmost respect to Doni. Without being consulted about the big decisions made during the next three weeks, he wouldn’t be a destructive factor, letting Doni and Kori play jazz.
As for Doni, even in the moment of glory, he just disappears in the shadows. For him, it’s about getting the job done, and when it’s done, it’s over!

T20 World Cup: Master Strategist MS Dhoni Funding Virat Kohli | Cricket News

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