Surrogacy in Greece: The Concept of Gestational Pregnancy Is Revealed

If you want to join moms and give birth to a child using surrogacy in Greece, you should be familiar with some of the necessary concepts. In this guide, you will learn basic aspects related to surrogate pregnancy to become a surrogate mother greece World Center of Baby.

Surrogacy in Greece: Who Can Become a Part of the Surrogacy Process

Do you want to give birth to a child with the use of surrogate pregnancy and become a mom or a dad? You should be ready to meet several restrictions. In general, surrogacy is accepted by Greek legislation. However, there are several rules to remember.

  • You can’t ask for a baby if you are a part of a gay or LGBT couple. The procedure is prohibited for such couples.
  • Another restriction relates to single men. If a single man wants to become a parent, he does not have a chance to ask for surrogacy in Greece.
  • In other cases, you can apply for surrogacy legally. But you should meet the criteria of a perfect mom. Your age should not exceed 50 years and you will be forced to provide proof of your ability to take care of a newborn.

Some other norms may differ from case to case. In some situations, a woman may be asked to present a written consent from the husband to become a mother of a surrogate child.

Surrogacy Cost Greece: What Is the Price of the Procedure

When you think about the surrogacy experience, you start caring about price issues. How much will it cost in Greece? What is the price you should pay to cover the expenses in the clinic? When it comes to money issues, you can’t have the exact answer to your question.

When you address your challenging situation to the World Center of Baby, you can get the approximate answer. On average, clients in Greece should pay about $90,000 to cover the surrogate process. However, this is a general sum of money and your price list can differ.

Everything depends on your personal preferences, some other circumstances, and your budget. Furthermore, you should be ready to pay the agency a little more in case something unexpected happens. There are different fees to cover. So, the best way to figure out the price of the genetic pregnancy is to ask for a preliminary consultation with the doctors or managers. By using this opportunity, you can learn the price and discuss possible price variations.

Surrogate Mother Greece: Try Your Luck With the World Center of Baby

If you want to build a happier family, you should opt for surrogacy. With the World Center of Baby, you can make it safer. If your choice is Greece, it is better to check all the details before the procedure. It is a great country for surrogacy, however, it has several considerable restrictions. Make sure to learn them. If you fall into all the criteria, you won’t regret such a high-quality treatment and memorable experience.

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