Sumit and Manish Gandhi’s multidimensional expansion approach pushes ACETECH to the top league

Celebrating 25 years of business in the trade fair industry in the midst of a pandemic may be a little daunting for some, but not for Gandhi Brothers. Looking ahead to a proactive and determined future, the company will survive the pandemic, support exhibitors more than ever, and provide affordable and reliable shows and events as the exhibition industry moves. We are focusing on.

Looking back on the incredible heritage rooted in the family-owned business value, ABEC began its journey in 1996 and has been exhibiting in India, led by brothers Smit and Manish Gandhi, who embodied their later years Located at the forefront of the industry. Father’s fine work ethic to create a globally reputed and established brand.

Family-owned ABEC soon became perceived as more stable, customer-oriented, accessible and reliable. With an intensive team force of over 300 staff across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, the ambitious and entrepreneurial Gandhi Brothers has grown ABEC to become one of India’s largest exhibition companies. Quickly adapted to the needs of exhibitors to emerge.

The brothers have changed since the formation, commissioned small confex events in the oil and gas sector, the business has grown exponentially, and in various segments, the flagship architecture and design expo are medium-sized all year round. Produced a high expo. ACETECH is a coronation jewel.

In its 15th year, ACETECH has grown to achieve the highest sales of all ABEC exhibitions. In December 2020, ACETECH was once again awarded “The Leading Show: Building Materials & Construction” at the Exhibition Excellence Awards 2020.

“We started our journey with Times Glamor, but our oil and gas assets have already begun. We launched education, real estate and security in 2004 and announced architecture and design in 2006. Today, we are the largest homemade indigenous exhibitor in India, “says Sumit Gandhi. “Today, ACETECH ranks third in the world in building materials, design and construction,” he adds.

Recalling how ACETECH was born, he explains: “We went to Germany and especially to BAU in Munich. At that time we decided that India needed such a show and started an exposition here. The trade appeal of our counterparts. Has continued to fluctuate, but ACETECH has provided the industry and its more than 20,00,000 customers with the coveted flagship in cities such as Germany, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

A dedicated emphasis on innovation guarantees that ACETECH will provide exhibitors with unlimited revenue and value. The world’s third largest exposition in the fields of building materials, design and architecture, ACETECH, which now covers more than 60,000 square meters per year, is a testament to its relentless focus on innovation.

ACETECH has been carefully built as a brand for many years. Sumit explains: ‘The exposition has 22 segments including flooring, lighting, air conditioning, electricity, concrete, kitchen, hardware, glass, ceramics, marble and more. Exhibitors include the largest brands that want to be visible, such as Kajaria, Somany, Hindware, Godrej, Blue Star, Parryware, Roca and Pidilite.

ACETECH’s vast number of loyal visitors includes experts in the architecture, construction and construction industries. Architects, designers, interior designers, industry consultants, government agencies, hospitalities, developers, and purchasing teams from India and abroad make up the majority of visitors to the ACETECH show each year. “The vast ecosystem of buildings and architecture relies on more and more industry experts to make it all work. ACETECH is the crossroads of this ecosystem,” says Manish Gandhi. I will.

The show has diversified into a consistent range of segments such as Design Wall, Ace Interface, Ace Luxe and Ace Surfaces, promising larger, better and bolder networking opportunities for ACETECH 2021 in the design and construction industry. We are proud of the participation from the best brands of. Introducing space, avant-garde products and solutions.

“Promoting real business and confirming transactions for logical purposes is one of the show’s most basic goals,” says Manish.

“We are now considered a single-window exhibit to help establish a brand in this market. Our platform is from the type of audience targeted by brands interested in the Indian market. It’s the only platform that can react directly to product offerings, “says Sumit.

In addition, ACETECH will act as a catalyst for government vision and smart cities and manufacturing initiatives in India by integrating companies and providing a platform for international brands to test water bodies in the Indian market. I’m ready.

Mannish adds: “We never go there and offer exhibitions and workshops. We are always trying to understand the purpose of the brand in front of us. Social media solutions, outdoors. You may need a solution, or a ground event. The vast 60,000 square meters of ACETECH is a must-see for the industry.

Gandhi Brothers’ vision for the near future is an ongoing investment to further establish ABEC as an unparalleled exhibition company in a variety of diverse segments and to provide exhibitors with an opportunity to engage with the trading community in a whole new dimension. .. Today’s business environment.

Sumit explains: ‘We are exploring various forums and formats with the aim of traveling around the world and bringing them to India. There are large shows in Cologne, Germany, Italy and China. We are always looking for new properties and new ideas that will allow us to acquire, invest and grow ourselves, as well as the industry in which we serve.

As ABEC prepares a blueprint for 360-degree development, dramatic growth, and relentless innovation of its properties, Gandhi is an industry with decisive efforts and new talent by indigenous players. Is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years.

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Sumit and Manish Gandhi’s multidimensional expansion approach pushes ACETECH to the top league

Source link Sumit and Manish Gandhi’s multidimensional expansion approach pushes ACETECH to the top league

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