Suga had a back when BTS Jimin lost confidence in the song and Jungkook.

Being one of the largest and most famous bands in the world comes with its own pressure. No one better than BTS understands it. Composed of Jimin, J-Hope, RM, Jungkook, V, Suga and Jin, Septet has performed in multiple locations around the world and has gained unprecedented worldwide fans in any Korean band.

However, there are days when band members struggle to get the best performance. This was shown at BTS’s 2018 documentary Burn The Stage when vocalist Jimin confessed that his voice had “failed” him. In the documentary, viewers confirmed that the 25-year-old singer was not happy with his song in one of the rehearsals. However, Jimin’s companion came to cheer him up and told him not to hit himself with a small mistake.

Jimin said in a documentary: I’m sensitive to this. The singer’s body language showed how visible his loss of self-confidence would be if he didn’t perform as expected.

Seeing Jimin’s reaction, Suga revealed in a documentary that he felt bad for him. Music producers and rappers further share Jimin’s history, saying: He cried after the TV show because he couldn’t sing when he first joined us. I think it annoyed him. “

BTS vocalist Jungkook, known for his impressive singing ability, added that Jimin worked hard during his training days. Jungkook described Jimin as “the hardest of all trainees.” Jungkook also commented on Jimin’s progress since he was a trainee, saying: I think he did a great job. “

The 24-year-old singer also shares how Jimin is constantly striving to improve his singing skills and seeks Jungkook’s feedback and critical comments about his singing. In praise of Jimin’s voice, Jungkook said in a documentary: I wish he could use his voice and sing better with his voice. “

Jimin sings solo songs such as filters, serendipity, and lies on BTS’album, and is loved by fans for his unique singing ability.

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Suga had a back when BTS Jimin lost confidence in the song and Jungkook.

Source link Suga had a back when BTS Jimin lost confidence in the song and Jungkook.

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