Students attending a 3-hour physical class on an alternative day

In fear of the new Covid-19 variant, all Maharashtra provincial governments will reopen classes after Class 1 from 1 December. Schools will no longer function as they did before Covid. The number of hours has been reduced to 3-4 hours a day. Further students will be divided into smaller batches and called on different days.

Varsha Gaikwad, Minister of Education, Maharashtra, announced the resumption guidelines, stating: Our students are our future. Let us all get together to ensure health, welfare and ongoing education. “

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The first two weeks of school reopening will focus on “adapting and turning students into physical lessons.” Schools slowly acclimatize students to regular lessons, says Guy Quad.

School will be reopened, but attending physical classes is not mandatory. Students need parental consent to attend school. Those who do not want to attend physical classes can continue their school education in online mode. “If a student or family becomes ill, it is recommended that the student stay at home. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that such student learning gaps are filled by the school,” read the guidelines. Please give me.

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Schools are required to work in shifts or every other day. This is because you may want only 15 to 20 students to attend a class at a particular time. According to the guidelines, one student will be seated on each bench and the distance between the benches will be maintained at 6 feet. The school does not allow cultural or sporting events that require a rally. Schools are also required to provide isolation facilities and partner with local health departments in case of emergencies.

Only fully vaccinated staff are allowed access to the premises. School attendants also need to be fully vaccinated. The use of masks is always compulsory for children. Teachers and school staff ensure strict adherence to masking.

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Students attending a 3-hour physical class on an alternative day

Source link Students attending a 3-hour physical class on an alternative day

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