Startup India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for innovation from India to India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for innovation on Saturday to address the challenges facing India and India, counting the steps taken by the government to free entrepreneurs and innovation from bureaucratic silos.

“Our startups are changing the rules of the game. I believe they will be the backbone of New India,” he said through video conferences to interact with young people in the startup world. “We will innovate for India and innovate from India.”

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According to him, India has over 60,000 startups with 42 unicorns.

The government focuses on three aspects. One is to free entrepreneurship and innovation from government process networks, bureaucratic silos. Second, build an institutional mechanism to promote innovation. And third, he said, he owns young innovators and young businesses.

He talked about his recent success, he said, with 28,000 patents granted last year, compared to 4,000 patents in 2013-14. In contrast to the registration of 70,000 trademarks in 2013-14, the trademark of Rs 25,000 was registered in 2020-21.

Similarly, in 2013-14, when only 4,000 copyrights were granted, that number exceeded 16,000 last year.

“India’s innovation program has started in the country, which has improved India’s ranking in the Global Innovation Index. India was ranked 81st in 2015 and is now 46th,” he said. Told.

Startups are not only innovating, they are also evolving as major job creators.

2022 has brought new opportunities and paths to startups, he said, adding January 16th will be celebrated as National Startup Day to help instill startup culture at the grassroots level.

In addition to facilitating access to funds, Modi said self-certification to comply with nine labor and three environmental laws has helped start up.

He said innovation and technology-based solutions are being encouraged to find solutions to the challenges facing the country.

The startup gave presentations on six themes. Move DNA little by little; from local to global. Technology of the future; Building champions in manufacturing; and sustainable development.

For these presentations, over 150 startups were divided into 6 working groups.

They shared ideas and views on different sectors and disciplines, including powerful data acquisition mechanisms in agriculture. Make India a hub for agribusiness. Boost healthcare through the use of technology. Address mental health issues. Promote travel and tourism through innovations such as virtual tours. Educational Technology and Job Identification; Connecting the Offline Retail Market with Digital Commerce.

After the presentation, the Prime Minister said at this year’s Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, “when India’s freedom celebrates its 100th anniversary, the role of startups will be important,” and holding this Start Up India Innovation Week is even more important. I did.

“Congratulations to all startups in the country, all innovative young people who are raising the flag of India in the world of startups. To celebrate this startup culture to reach the remote parts of the country. January 16th as a national startup day has been decided. “

He recalls the concept of India’s “technology” for the current decade, and three of the major changes the government has made in the last decade to strengthen innovation, entrepreneurship and the ecosystem of startups. I have listed two important aspects.

The Prime Minister said further steps were taken to eliminate the “angel tax” issue, simplify tax procedures, arrange government funding, allow self-certification of certain working environment laws, and remove more than 25,000 compliance. ..

He said the government’s effort is to institutionalize national innovation by creating an attraction for innovation among students from childhood.

“Our startups are changing the rules of the game, which is why we believe startups will be the backbone of the new India … Today, India is rapidly entering the unicorn century. Startup is starting now. “

He also emphasized the role of entrepreneurial empowerment in addressing the issue of development and regional and gender disparities.

“Make your dreams global, not just local. Don’t forget this mantra. Innovate for India and innovate from India,” he advised innovators.

In addition, the Prime Minister has proposed several areas where the startup ecosystem can play a major role.

He said the additional space of the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan could be used for EV charging infrastructure, offering many possibilities in areas such as defense and chip manufacturing.

“After the new drone policy, many investors are investing in drone startups. The Army, Navy and Air Force have placed orders for drone startups worth 500 chlores,” he said, related to future technology. Of today’s government, adding investment in R & D is a priority.

Regarding the future outlook, the Prime Minister said the future potential is immeasurable as only half of India’s population is currently online.

He appealed to the startup to move towards the village.

“Whether it’s a mobile internet, broadband connection, or physical connection, the village’s aspirations are rising, and rural and suburban areas are waiting for a new wave of expansion,” he said.

Startup India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for innovation from India to India

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