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Mumbai: Health officials said Thursday that Covid-19 cases surged in Maharashtra due to explicit violations of Covid-19’s home quarantine and social distance guidelines, and the lack of adequate resources for contact tracing. Said to. In Maharashtra on Wednesday, 8,807 new cases surged in one day, bringing the number of infections in the state to 21,21,119. The state reported more than 8,000 cases a day after a gap of more than four months.

“We are helpless because people do not follow the basic guidelines for home quarantine after being discharged from a post-recovery hospital or returning from a place that requires such quarantine for a limited period of time.” The outbreak of Dr. Subhash Salunke 19, Covid-State Government Technical Advisor, said.

This clearly shows that people are demanding strict measures such as blockades, officials said.

“There was a series of meetings of officials from the revenue, home and health sectors to find ways to ensure that people adhered to the norms,” ​​he said.

A team of health care workers going to the Covid-19 test is forced to take police escorts. Several times people have refused to work together to be tested for infection.

Due to the surge in cases of virus infection, state officials have held meetings to start sourcing medicines and masks and have reopened some Covid-19 care centers to address infected individuals.

“I’m holding several meetings to increase the procurement of masks, PPE kits, medicines, etc. to accommodate more patients (at the Covid-19 Care Center in the next few days ( (If necessary), “said Dr. Arcana Patil, director of state health.

The norms were relaxed in good faith, but she said she failed in previous efforts by inadvertently moving people to public places without taking appropriate precautions.

“When the number of institutional quarantines was in the hundreds of thousands of rupees, the state managed the situation pretty well. Now, this number is just over 50,000 and can be reliably managed,” Patil said. The government looks forward to the cooperation and understanding of the people. ”

High-ranking officials from another state also said that several political and rallying events had taken place in the last three weeks.

“If leaders are more interested in short-term political interests, there will be some consequences for increasing the number of Covid-19 patients,” he said.

Stakeholders, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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