Sri Chaitanya Group Launches Infinity Learn

A major educational group, Sri Chaitanya, has launched Infinity Learn, a combination of artificial intelligence and hands-on teaching and learning methods.

Infinity Learn focuses on results-based learning by providing one-on-one feedback with students and counseling on performance improvements.

“With Infinity Learn’s new service, we aim to make a powerful impact on the lives of all children. Infinity Learn is a combination of traditional wisdom and technology that is engaging and measurable. We will create a learning system, “said Sushma Boppana, co-founder and academic director of the Sri Chaitanya Group, in the release.

Sri Chaitanya’s management has also indicated plans to invest $ 50 million in this initiative.

Ujjwal Singh, CEO of Infinity Learn, said: “With Covid-19, the Edtech sector is booming and technology is one of the key growth drivers. 2021 will undoubtedly put the EdTech industry on a faster growth trajectory and many enhancements to the diversification of education. Will bring. “

“We plan to invest in expanding our ventures by acquiring talent and raising / raising awareness among learners,” he added.

Launched in 1986, the Sri Chaitanya Group of Educational Institutions spans several states and has learners of Rs 70,000 in schools, universities and coaching institutions.

Sri Chaitanya Group Launches Infinity Learn

Source link Sri Chaitanya Group Launches Infinity Learn

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