Spotify will discontinue the carview feature.view the details

Swedish audio streaming platform Spotify has decided to discontinue the carview feature. The Verge reported that the above features were introduced in 2019 as a way to keep the application out of the way and facilitate control while driving. According to the publication, confirmation of the changes first came back in October when Spotify moderators responded to a community forum post asking why the feature was missing.

“We can see that the carview feature has been discontinued, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to improve the way users listen to Spotify while driving. On the contrary, we’re actively considering a variety of new features. How to provide the best in-car listening experience. Think of abolishing the car view as necessary to pave the way for new innovations to get going, ‚ÄĚsays the moderator.

“Please forgive me for the time being. We are working behind the scenes to improve the experience, but you can also listen hands-free via the Google Assistant. This feature also works on Google Maps, so you can navigate while listening to Spotify. You can gate. To do that, you can link your account and say, “Hey Google, play Spotify,” the moderator added.

Spotify has confirmed that it is working on a better alternative to Carview mode.

This story was published from a news agency feed without changing the text. Only the heading has changed.

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Spotify will discontinue the carview feature.view the details

Source link Spotify will discontinue the carview feature.view the details

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