“Sports require continuous attention,” says Neeraj Chopra in compliments and gratitude.

On August 7, 2021, the name of Niraji Chopra is forever engraved in golden letters on history books. On this day, a javelin thrower born in Panipat finally won a gold medal and defeated an Indian duck in athletics. The 23-year-old Chopra became the second Indian to win individual Olympic gold when he clinched yellow metal with a javelin throw at 87.58m best effort. Since returning to India, Neeraj Chopra has been in the spotlight. From press conferences to awards ceremonies to two Indian states, Punjab and Haryana. Fight over him, Neeraj has seen everything in the last 20 days.

“I knew things would be huge. It was an Olympic medal, it was also a gold medal, and it was India’s first athletics medal,” Niraji said. Indian era..

Niraji admits that he’s getting attention, but he’s worried that this attention to athletes may be temporary. The golden boy in India should not have to complete all the celebrations immediately as the Olympic gold medal has arrived, but should forget it a month later.

“This sport requires continuous attention. It doesn’t mean that you start to remember the athlete again four years after the first frenzy. These things can be done in small quantities over a period of time,” he said. Added.

The movement also recently made a sacrifice to him as he had to leave the welcome ceremony at Panipat on the way due to the high fever two weeks ago. He was feared to have been infected with the coronavirus, but tests tested negative for the deadly virus.

“I had a fever. I got sweaty while participating in the function and then got into an air-conditioned car. I couldn’t rest and didn’t eat properly because of my busy daily life.” Said.

However, the 23-year-old has recovered to attend an Independence Day event.

Not only was his health sacrificed, but his plans were also hit. Initially, Neiraji was supposed to attend two consecutive Diamond League meetings in Lausanne (August 26th) and Paris (August 28th), but the plan was literally a fuss with zero training.

“Caution is certainly important, but there is a diamond league at the end of the month. I was planning to participate, but when I returned from the Olympics, there were too many features and training stopped altogether. “

“That’s why I feel I’m not there right now. I can’t compete properly, so I have to skip the event. I was planning to attend at least a few events,” he said. Indian era..

“These things need to change in Indian sports. All other Olympic champions are in the Diamond League. Their season continues. One gold medal is not enough. We are global. We need to think at the level. We need to continue to perform at global events like the Diamond League. “

Niraji jokingly said that he was willing to refuse the opportunity to interact next time, learning from his experience. Unlike this time, I will continue training. “

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“Sports require continuous attention,” says Neeraj Chopra in compliments and gratitude.

Source link “Sports require continuous attention,” says Neeraj Chopra in compliments and gratitude.

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