Special Measures to Attract Female Voters in the Nulbarich District

Officials said the Nalbari district administration in Assam has taken some special steps to attract female voters in the upcoming state legislature elections.

Special measures include polling stations where all polling place staff and guards are women, officials said.

The best district officials in Nulbarich are all women. The Deputy Secretary, the police guard, and the three additional Deputy Secretaries of the district are all women.

Deputy Commissioner and District Returning Officer Purabi Konwar told PTI that 19 polling stations in Narvali will be fully controlled by female employees and security guards with a view to empowering women in exercising the franchise. It was.

The deputy secretary said the decision to establish such a polling place managed by women was made to encourage female voters.

The DC states that even the exclusive economic zone and sector are controlled by women’s authorities, with women-controlled polling stations set up in all three parliamentary segments of Narvali, Bulk Shetri and Dharmapur, third and last. He added that he would go to Sting. April 6th phase.

For safety reasons, all such women’s polling stations are located in the district towns and the Chook district (central market district).

“Female employees who have recently completed the necessary training are very enthusiastic about performing election missions. Female employees on poll missions will also be provided with special accommodation,” DC said.

She said the administration would attract female electors with voter awareness stickers on 5,000 LPG cooking gas cylinders. In addition to holding a series of awareness meetings, street performances were held at the district Women’s University to attract new female voters.

Elections for the 126 Assam Legislative Assembly will take place on March 27, April 1, and April 6 in three stages.

Special Measures to Attract Female Voters in the Nulbarich District

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