Southwest Airlines warns nearly 7,000 workers about the possibility of a furlough

Dallas: Southwest Airlines warned nearly 7,000 workers on Thursday that they could lose their jobs unless trade unions accept concessions to deal with the sharp decline in travel caused by the pandemic. ..

Southwest Airlines has far fewer flights and in October sought help from the union for overstaffing costs. It is estimated to exceed $ 1 billion in 2021. Southwest Airlines has sought a reduction of about 10% in exchange for no furlough until next year.

Russell McLady, the airline’s top labor official, said Southwest Airlines’ goal is to save all jobs. However, he said the notice had to be issued because there was no significant progress in the negotiations. Recommendations to employees, known as warning notices, are legally required 60 days prior to a major or temporary dismissal.

McLady said the airline is ready to resume negotiations with the union.

The warning was directed to 6,828 employees, including more than 2,500 ground workers, 1,500 flight attendants represented by the Transport Union, and 1,221 pilots with their own unions. As of the end of September, Southwest Airlines has approximately 58,000 employees, of whom 11,000 are on long vacations.

Based in Dallas, Southwest Airlines is the fourth largest airline in the United States and boasts that it has never temporarily dismissed workers in its history more than 50 years ago. It encouraged thousands of workers to buy out or retire early this year, but avoided furloughs. Rivals American Airlines and United Airlines fired 32,000 workers among them in October.

Pilot Union President John Week said he had noticed a sad milestone in southwestern history.

This progress isn’t entirely surprising, but it’s very disappointing for the pilot and his family to deal with the stress arriving with this notice, Week told his members in a video.

The union said it had proposed cost-cutting measures to the Southwest, but management refused to offer them another round of voluntary takeovers.

It would be beneficial for flight attendant union president Lin Montgomery to send warning law notices as a horrifying tactic or as a real intention to furl when other options available were not considered. He said it was just as sad.

Southwest Airlines received $ 3.2 billion in federal aid this spring, with a $ 25 billion share allocated by Congress to help airlines cover labor costs until September. Airlines are lobbying for taxpayer assistance. A bipartisan proposal announced in Congress this week will give them an additional $ 17 billion.

Passenger traffic on US airlines has fallen by about 60% since a year ago and is not expected to improve dramatically until the majority of Americans are vaccinated. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) (# If there is no character limit, add parentheses when it first appears..


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Southwest Airlines warns nearly 7,000 workers about the possibility of a furlough

Source link Southwest Airlines warns nearly 7,000 workers about the possibility of a furlough

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