South Korea plans to deregulate Seoul

Seoul: South Korea says it plans to allow up to six people to get together and open restaurants and cafes until midnight in the densely populated area of ​​Seoul from July 1.
Health Minister Kwon Dok-chul said on Sunday that the relaxed distance rule aims to “find a balance between quarantine and (effort) to return to normal in a long-term Covid 19 pandemic.” After a two-week transition period, health officials will allow a rally of eight people in the Seoul area starting July 15. Authorities currently allow up to four people to meet, and restaurants, cafes and other businesses are open until 10 pm.
The limit on the number of private meetings outside Seoul will be lifted.
According to Kwon, about 30% of the 52 million people in South Korea receive the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. According to him, South Korea reported an average of 444 new virus cases each day last week, down 15% from the previous week.

South Korea plans to deregulate Seoul

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