Software Technology Parks of India launches Phase II of OctaNECoE

The Government of India has soft-launched OctaNECoE Phase II with the Open Challenge Program (OCP-II) at the Indian Software Technology Park (STPI) under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

It promotes R & D, innovation and entrepreneurship in the areas of graphic design, games and entertainment, data analytics and AI, healthcare and agritech IT applications, and GIS applications (including drone technology). The aim is to create a comprehensive ecosystem. Physical infrastructure and support services for prototyping, development, testing and marketing through the development of entrepreneurs in these domains.

Dr. Omkar Rai, Executive Director of STPI, and Bhuvnesh Kumar, Co-Secretary of MeitY of the Government of India, have launched five CoEs.

Rai said: “OctaNE will revolutionize the North-East tech startup ecosystem and enable startups to develop breakthrough products in a variety of emerging technology domains. The entire OctaNe program includes infrastructure, SIZ and e-commerce. It includes all the elements, such as the platform, and jointly fosters startups. ”

Co-secretary of Kumar, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, and Government. India’s said: “The eight CoEs under OctaNE will further strengthen the northeastern tech startup ecosystem. It’s very exciting for startups to join these CoEs and shape their ideas into innovative products.”

“OctaNE will make a complete round by launching five CoEs in Phase II. Ready for onboarding of chief mentors to foster infrastructure, labs, SIZ, e-commerce platforms, and startups. “Masu,” said PK Das, director of STPI-Guwahati.

Subodh Sachan, Director of STPI & MD, said: & CEO, STPINEXT, OctaNE Phase II launch.

The purpose of opening these CoEs is to foster new technology start-ups in the electronics and IT space, with a single comprehensive support service such as mentorship services, seed capital support and marketing support. To provide a robust platform for. (Including IPR protection) etc.

It aims to create employment opportunities with new and innovative start-up units. Develop a culture of tinkering and innovation between students and professionals by establishing an innovation zone for start-ups. Identify core problems in your local industry, find solutions, and drive e-commerce activities and applications.

Kohima graphic design IT applications, Aizawl games and entertainment, Agartala data analysis and AI, Gantok healthcare and Agritech IT applications, Itanagar GIS applications (including drone technology).

Phase I has three CoE Startup Innovation Zones (SIZs) and a technology / sector-focused e-facilitation. IoT in agriculture at STPI-Guwahati, animation at STPIShillong and AR / VR at Imphal have already started on July 20, 2020, and startup selection and boarding are in progress.

OctaNE – The Internet has worked with the Northeastern CoE to support technology-driven innovation by STPI. OctaNE is part of eight Center of Excellence (CoE) + Startup Innovation Zones (SIZ) in the North-East region and an e-commerce facilitation under CoE + SIZ respectively.

OctaNE is self-sufficient in its domain, but combined with all CoE + SIZ, it offers a range of services to about 367 start-ups in emerging technologies.

Software Technology Parks of India launches Phase II of OctaNECoE

Source link Software Technology Parks of India launches Phase II of OctaNECoE

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