Sisaraman asks Infosys to prioritize fixing issues in the new IT portal. 5 glitches resolved in a week

Treasury Minister Nirmala Sitharaman asked Infosys to fix all issues in the new income tax portal immediately on Tuesday, but software majors had at least five technical issues a week, including viewing past ITRs and electronic procedures. Expected to be resolved within.

Two weeks after its launch on June 7, the Treasury has raised stakeholder concerns to Infosys, the vendor that developed the site, as many issues continue to undermine the functionality of the new income tax filing portal. Called for a meeting to hear and propose. Corrective action to fix the problem.

The ministry has received over 700 emails from stakeholders detailing over 2,000 issues, including 90 specific issues / issues regarding the new portal. Finance Minister Anurag Thakur, Revenue Secretary Tarn Bajaj, CBDT Chairman Jagannath Mohapatra and other senior officials will also attend the online meeting on Tuesday, and Sisaraman will make Infosys a more humane and user-friendly tax portal. I worked on it. -Friendly. The Minister of Finance has expressed deep concern about the various issues facing stakeholders at the new portal, which is expected to provide taxpayers with a seamless experience. An official statement released after the meeting said, “FM has addressed Infosys without wasting time, improving service and negatively impacting taxpayers, so it will prioritize remediation of dissatisfaction. I asked. “

During the meeting, Infosys CEO Salil Parekh and COO Pravin Rao, along with stakeholders from other companies, focused on issues highlighted by stakeholders. We also recognized technical issues with the functionality of the portal and shared the status of resolutions on issues highlighted by stakeholders. “They are working on fixing technical issues that Infosys has noticed in the functionality of the portal, increasing resources for running projects on the hardware and application side, and some issues have already been resolved. Infosys has assured the government that the team is working on the remaining technical issues and has provided a timeline for the issues to be resolved.

“… Problems such as electronic procedures, forms 15CA / 15CB (used for remittances), TDS statements, DSCs (digital signature certificates), past ITR displays, etc. will be resolved in about a week. Infosys will resolve the issues. The timeline mentioned to correct it was also decided to be in the public domain, “said a statement released by the Income Tax Department. During the meeting, Sisaraman emphasized the importance of strengthening taxpayer services. She also hoped that active involvement between taxpayers, tax professionals and the government would continue, ensuring that the government would address their issues, and according to a statement, taxpayer services. And are actively working to strengthen the experience.

The meeting was also attended by 10 tax experts, including representatives of ICAI and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (AIFTP). The filing portal was launched on June 7, stating that the Tax Department and the government are aiming to make compliance easier for taxpayers to use.

However, the portal has faced issues such as long login times, inability to generate OTPs for Aadhaar verification, and ITR not being available for the past few years. Stakeholders also emphasize that it cannot be seen as a weak user interface, old demand, dissatisfaction, and issues that need to be fixed for intimate instructions.

This is also the portal used by general income taxpayers to file an annual tax return for the 2021-22 evaluation year of income earned in fiscal year 2020-21. The final filing date for such tax returns by individual taxpayers is September 30. Prior to its meeting with Infosys on Tuesday, the Treasury sought written statements from stakeholders on June 16 regarding the glitches and problems faced with the new income tax filing portal. The tax consultant submitted a statement about technical and performance issues, missing data issues, non-functional modules and suggested launching a new portal after proper beta testing.

In 2019, Infosys won a contract to develop a next-generation income tax filing system that reduces return processing time from 63 days to one day and accelerates refunds. In response to a shareholder question at Infosys AGM last week, Infosys COO has announced that nearly 10,000 rupees of income tax returns have been filed on the portal so far.

The day after the launch of the new tax filing portal for the Income Tax Department, social media users were flagging a bug in the portal to the Minister of Finance. After that, Sisaraman visited Twitter on June 8 and asked Infosys and its chairman Nandan Nilekani to fix the technical bug. In reply to the tweet, Nirecani said Infosys is working on fixing the glitch.

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Sisaraman asks Infosys to prioritize fixing issues in the new IT portal. 5 glitches resolved in a week

Source link Sisaraman asks Infosys to prioritize fixing issues in the new IT portal. 5 glitches resolved in a week

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