Singer Avisito Battacharia calls the judge to be “selfish” and “inexperienced”

“Indian Idol 12” doesn’t seem to have overcome all the controversies that have been around in the last few weeks. At first, it was Amit Kumar who said he was asked to praise the contestants even though he thought the performance wasn’t good enough, but now veteran singer Avisito Battacharia is self-centered on the jury. I called him an inexperienced person.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya recently appeared on the show as a guest judge for Udit Narayan, the father of show host Aditya Narayan. He commented on the show, claiming it was exaggerated about Amit Kumar’s controversy, but later became angry with the judge of the show itself.

In an interview with the Bollywood Spy, he said he hadn’t previously appeared in Indian Idol because he didn’t want to share the stage with certain people. He also told the show’s creative director that he wasn’t looking for a job by asking him to take him to the show, but he said he believed this was right for him.

“I told them, I’m not looking for a job, I’m just looking for mine. People work for me. I’m an employer. They’re 4 in life. Call the people who sang the songs. You don’t provide music to let them judge who. They are commercial. They give hits, but the music gives nothing. “Mr. Avisito said.

The singer also said that if RD Berman were alive today, he would not have been asked to sing today’s reality show. He said they wouldn’t give him a prize, and that’s the similarity between him, RD Berman and Kishore Kumar. “No one recognizes us three great men … these fools expose themselves by ignoring me,” he added.

He makes a significant contribution to the music industry. Singers like him are not the ones who promote their songs and albums and use the contestants for their own benefit, but as part of a reality show. I said it should be.

Singer Avisito Battacharia calls the judge to be “selfish” and “inexperienced”

Source link Singer Avisito Battacharia calls the judge to be “selfish” and “inexperienced”

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