Sikhs: People arrested for hate crimes against Sikh taxi drivers in New York

Port officials at the New York and New Jersey Police Stations (PAPD) said the man was arrested on January 3 in an attack on a Seek taxi driver at JFK Airport on Friday night.
Mohammed Hassanein shouted “Go back to your country” and derogatoryly called the taxi driver (identified only as Mr. Singh to maintain his anonymity) “confusing people” and he. Was repeatedly hit and pushed. I hate sin. Hassanein has been charged with three assaults, three assaults, and two exacerbations of harassment as a hate crime and will be charged on Saturday.
Shin demands privacy and thank law enforcement agencies, the Sikh Coalition (the organization that supports him in his court struggle), and everyone in the community who “helped us during this difficult time.” Said that. “No one should experience what I did, but if they do, I hope they will receive the same overwhelming amount of support and prompt and professional action by the authorities accordingly. “He said in a statement.
Amris Kaul Arkle, director of legal affairs for the Sikh Coalition, acknowledged the swift response to the incident and the apparent anti-Sikh prejudice in the attack on Singh. He said he was grateful to the police station of the Sikh port authorities and the Queens District Attorney’s Office. “This case emphasizes the importance of sharing all the details of these types of attacks with law enforcement agencies. Putting perpetrators accountable for both their actions and their hateful motives. That is the clearest way to show that prejudice and the violence it fuels do not exist in our community. ”
The Sikh Coalition said it would continue to help Singh keep in touch with law enforcement agencies and ensure that all relevant details are communicated between all parties. “In addition, we are grateful for the support of the New York Police Department’s Hate Climb Task Force,” the Sikh Coalition said in a statement.
In a statement by the Sikh Coalition, Sikhs in the United States were driven by prejudice and hatred for visibly identifiable articles of faith (including turbans and hair) and awareness of their country of origin. He said he continued to experience attacks.
According to the latest FBI data, Sikhs remain among the top three groups most often subject to religiously motivated hate crimes and bias cases in the United States. In the experience of the Sikh Coalition, taxi and rideshare drivers in particular are at increased risk of violent attacks. “In recent years, we have provided free legal assistance to multiple Sikh drivers attacked across the country, and we actively give your rights to help the community stay safe. We will continue to provide the resources to know, “said the organization.

Sikhs: People arrested for hate crimes against Sikh taxi drivers in New York

Source link Sikhs: People arrested for hate crimes against Sikh taxi drivers in New York

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