“She may have gone ahead, I didn’t.”

VJ Anushadan Decal and actor Karankundra said they resigned after establishing a three-year relationship last December. It wasn’t long ago that Anusha shared a long note on Instagram mentioning the news of farewell to Karan. She apologized, saying Karan “tricked and lied” to her. However, Karan never publicly addressed the reasons behind their division.

News that she had a new relationship with actor Jason Shah began a round on the internet after Anusha opened about farewell to Karan. The experience after Anusha’s dissolution seems sour, but here is the side of Karan’s story.

In a conversation with ETimes, Karan Kundrra said he respects not only the relationship, but also Anusha and her family. “I’ve been silent to respect the relationship. I want to keep that. At this point, I’m also thinking about the two families. I also look back and say a lot. You can, but it’s not me. What she shared was her point of view, “he said.

Karan said of Anusha’s allegations of misconduct: I don’t know what can hate someone so much towards others. We shared a beautiful relationship for three and a half years. I have learned a lot from Anusha and have great respect for her and her family. How are these claims leveled to me when my professional progress is made? Why hasn’t anyone else I have a relationship with blamed me for being so serious? “

The actor also added that he has not yet “recovered” from the dissolution, “has not progressed”, and he is still single.

In terms of work, Karan plays an important role in popular shows, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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“She may have gone ahead, I didn’t.”

Source link “She may have gone ahead, I didn’t.”

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