Senate Sweepstakes: Who Get the Job for Kamala Harris?

Election days are over, but California is already exhausted by the next hottest political contest, the race to fill Kamala Harris’s soon-to-be-vacant US Senator.

Only one vote is important in this race as there is only one vote. The choice is left to Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, who is under pressure from rival interest groups, fellow Democrats, and even friends who intend to influence his decisions.

Harris is scheduled to take office as Vice President Joe Biden on January 20, and it is not yet clear if she will abandon her seat before that. Newsom said he had no plans to announce.

This week, he told reporters, “We are working on a call for cattle consideration. We want to make sure it is comprehensive. We want to make sure that we care about people’s perspectives.”

One of those views comes from a state black politician pushing Newsome to replace Harris with another black woman. Harris, the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, is one of two black women who served in the Senate. The other is Carol Moseley Brown, who represented Illinois from 1993 to 1999.

A group of Black California lawmakers organized lobbying behind US lawmaker Karenbus, who represents parts of Los Angeles and its suburbs. She was a former chairman of the California State Legislature, chaired the Congressional Black Caucus, and was on Biden’s list of Vice Presidential candidates. She is also mentioned as a candidate for Biden’s cabinet.

Following Harris’ historic role in the Senate, “continuing the tradition makes sense, but especially from the perspective of African-American women,” is part of the group promoting the bus. Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas said.

There is also a campaign to nominate the first Hispanic Senator in California. Latin Americans represent the largest single demographic group in California, surpassing whites, Asians, or blacks.

The Political Action Commission’s Latin Victory Fund supports Secretary of State Alex Padilla, a follower of Newsom, whom many consider to be a key candidate. Padilla, the son of Mexican immigrants, “embodies the American dream,” the group said on its website and also advertised the #PickPadilla hashtag.

Newsom is looking at history. As Mayor of San Francisco, he became a national figure in 2004 when the city decided to circumvent the law and issue a marriage license to same-sex couples. He also recently appointed the first openly gay judge to the California Supreme Court.

“It goes without saying that this particular appointment is very unlikely to be a straight white man,” said Nathan Ballard, Newsom’s longtime friend and adviser.

Filling the Senate seats is only part of Newsom’s considerations.

If he decides to choose Padilla or State Attorney General Xavier Besera, another Hispanic and former Congressman, he also needs to fill that post, diversifying state officials in women, minorities, or both. Gives you a second opportunity.

And Harris’ term of office lasts until January 2023, so his Senate choices must be ready to raise funds and launch campaigns for the 2022 elections. The competition to retain seats can come, among other things, from Democrats circumvented by the governor.

Although there are plenty of candidates for the Senate, Mr. Ballard said the existing relationship with the governor would be positive — Newsom wants a senator who shares progressive values ​​with “Simpatico.” Masu — and that person needs a track record of running across the state.

He doesn’t have time to build a new relationship as Newsom deals with the coronavirus pandemic, the deadly wildfire threat, and budget issues in Sacramento.

“You can’t be a person who needs a lot of babysitters and hands,” Ballard said. Not only must Pick must be able to protect himself and run for re-election, but he also needs to help Newsom secure the second term in 2022.

“There are ways to make these promises to maximize diversity,” he added. “If you’re a governor, you’ll want to use it to play chess or add qualified new blood to your vacant office.” For others who are likely to be considered, progress Includes another qualified black parliamentarian, Baracka Lee, and Lieutenant Eleni Kounalakis, a Hungarian ambassador during the Obama administration, a large funder, and, if selected, gives Newsom. A double pick opportunity as he chooses her alternative.

Several mayors may be candidates, including London Breed in San Francisco (a black man associated with Harris) and Robert Garcia in Long Beach (the city’s first open and gay mayor). Choosing Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has Mexican-Jewish-Italian roots flirting in the presidential election, will not only fill the seat, but also remove potential Newsome rivals in the future.

Others often referred to as candidates for the Senate include Congressman Adam Schiff, who became nationally famous at the impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump. US Congressman Katie Porter of Orange County is a Democratic rising star who had stockpiled nearly US $ 10 million on her political commissar in mid-October.

But when Newsom is expected to make a choice that emphasizes diversity, both are white. And they could wait: the other Senate seats in California are held by 87-year-old Dianne Feinstein, the oldest member of the Chamber of Commerce. Her term is until January 2025, but given her age, there is speculation that she can resign early.

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Senate Sweepstakes: Who Get the Job for Kamala Harris?

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