See some rare Covid vaccination sites around the world

Vaccination against Covid-19 takes place in unconventional locations around the world.

Women were vaccinated against Covid as part of the Tel Aviv Municipal Initiative, which provides free drinks at the bar to residents shot in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Reuters)

As countries around the world roll out large numbers of Covid-19 vaccination programs, the large public space from the ice rink to the cathedral is being reused as a makeshift vaccination hub.

Many people throughout Asia are reluctant to get vaccinated, and widespread misinformation and uncertainty fuels hesitation over safety, efficacy and other concerns.

that’s why, Authorities and governments around the world have launched incentive programs From free beer in New Jersey to free mobile charging in India, to make people jab.

It shows some of the most rare Covid vaccination sites in the world.

1Former TikTok Studio Turns into Covid Vaccination Center

Women will be vaccinated against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in a temporary vaccination unit located at the former TikTok studio in MEGA Park Mall in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The country is using the domestically developed Qaz Covid-in vaccine, also known as QazVac, the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, and the Chinese developed CoronaVac and Hayat-Vax vaccines for Covid-19. (Reuters)

2Filipinos get vaccinated against Covid-19 at the cinema

Filipinos have registered to be vaccinated against Covid-19 at a cinema in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. (Reuters)

3Bangkok shopping mall offers jabs

A healthcare worker administers the Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine to a woman at Paragon Shopping Mall in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thai health officials have launched a large-scale rollout of locally produced AstraZeneca vaccine, but the supply from patients who were scheduled to be vaccinated appeared to be in short supply. (AP)

FourBus converted to Covid Vaccine Center

Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, shows assembly plant employees in the mirror of the bus. (Reuters)

FiveCovid-19 Vaccination Center in Salisbury Cathedral

People are wearing protective masks at the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Vaccination Center in Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, England. (Reuters)

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See some rare Covid vaccination sites around the world

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