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Three Scottish female innovators, as part of a group of 40 of the UK’s most visionary female entrepreneurs, to better build the UK from the COVID-19 pandemic with the support of the UK Government Promotes innovative innovations and business ideas. And meet that climate change ambition.

Today (Monday, March 8, 2021), the winners of the Women in Innovation Award, announced by the British Government’s Minister of Science Amanda Soloway to commemorate International Women’s Day, are expanding disruptive business ideas and markets. You will receive a cash injection of £ 50,000 each to invest in. It was born in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amanda Soloway, Minister of Science of the British Government, said:

As we recover better, our top priority is to continue to provide the tools needed to succeed in the best female innovators, while at the same time bringing a new generation of women forward and pursuing ambition. Is to encourage.

We support the 40 most pioneering female entrepreneurs, realize their innovative ideas and aspirations, and help improve our lives while promoting the UK’s economic recovery. I am happy to be able to create a service.

Among the winners is Alison Wood, founder of Lilypads, a sustainable sanitary napkin company based in Edinburgh. The company’s reusable pads emit 90% less carbon dioxide than their disposable equivalents and are one of the cheapest reusable pads on the market. Backed by the sale of pads, their philanthropic department works to reduce gender inequality and period exploitation around the world.

Allison said:

This program provides development funding to further reduce the environmental impact of sanitary pads. We are delighted to be part of it and can’t wait to meet and learn from other women who run sustainable businesses.

Joan D’Arcy, co-founder of Plastic @ Bay in Durness, Highland, has also funded the development of a Local Marine Plastic Recycling Facility (LOPRF) to convert marine plastic waste into construction materials at low cost. I have received it. The initiative also provides young people with local employment and training opportunities, with each facility hiring at least three people to use and maintain recycling machinery.

Joan said:

The aim is to develop a low-tech facility for recycling used fishing gear and marine plastics that can be replicated in ports and communities adversely affected by marine plastic pollution. Our R & D team builds low-tech machines that can create fence posts, planks, and decks while I develop factory layouts, business models, and marketing strategies.

Jacqueline Morrison, co-founder of Glasgow-based company Cedeco Contractors Ltd, saves time and costs on installing wind turbines while helping to develop mechanical alternatives to grout that reduce carbon emissions. I have received it.

Jacqueline said:

We know that growing the team and working with industry partners is our step forward and this funding will help. We are pleased to receive this award and put the spotlight on our technology. We are also looking forward to an exciting year.

Today’s funding is a major government funded by Innovate UK, part of the UK Research and Innovation Organization (UKRI), which aims to increase the number of female entrepreneurs in the UK and provide £ 180 billion to the economy. It is a part of the Womenin Innovation Awards.

It forms an important part of the government’s ambitious R & D roadmap, published in July 2020, by providing the funding needed to support entrepreneurs and start-ups to expand innovation. , Promised to support British innovators and risk takers.

Emily Knot, Head of Equality, Diversity and Comprehension at Innovate UK, said:

2020 has proven to be a very difficult year for everyone, especially women, and continuing to support female entrepreneurs in 2021 was a real priority for Innovate UK. We have had a huge response and we can see some positive points from the pandemic. Some of our list of candidates was encouraged to start a business in response to some of the challenges it brought.

Working with the winners, Innovate UK will help them grow further. An example of what these exciting women achieve, how they inspire the next generation, and encourage more women-led businesses in the country as we rebuild and recover. I can’t wait to see if it can be.

Scottish female entrepreneur wins national award for innovation – India Education, Education News India, Education News

Source link Scottish female entrepreneur wins national award for innovation – India Education, Education News India, Education News

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