Samsung launches AI-powered washing machine in India: Learn more

Samsung has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) -enabled bilingual washing machine with a Hindi and English user interface. This new line of fully automatic front load washing machines is said to be made for India. Powered by Samsung’s unique Eco Bubble and QuickDrive technologies, the company claims to save time and power while providing 45% additional fabric care.

Price and availability

Starting April 6, 2021, the new AI-enabled laundry lineup will be available to all retail partners in India from the starting price. 35,400. Some models are available online at Amazon, Flipkart, and Samsung’s official online store, Samsung Shop.

Consumers purchasing a range of new washing machines have access to up to 20% cash back and financing options such as free EMI and start-to-start EMI. 990.

In the washing machine lineup, 21 new models equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) functions will appear. AI learns and remembers washing habits and suggests the most frequently used washing cycles. This smart Internet of Things (IoT) -enabled washing machine lineup can be connected to Samsung smart devices such as Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Smart TVs and Family Hub refrigerators, as well as voice devices such as Alexa and Google Home.

The machine lets the laundry planner schedule the end of the laundry, and the laundry recipe provides automatic recommendations for a better laundry cycle based on user-provided information such as color, fabric type, and degree of stain.

“Consumer convenience has become a pandemic’s top priority, and smart appliances that simplify lives are sympathetic to them. Our new line of AI-enabled washing machines is in Hindi and English. A breakthrough innovation with a user interface, designed to provide consumers who use machine learning with a simple, intelligent and personalized laundry solution. Customized for India, over 2,000 With over 2.8 million big data analysis points for different types of fabrics, with over-wash combinations, you can control it with your smartphone or Samsung-connected device. This lineup is the most adopted fully automated front-load laundry in the past year. We are confident that we will revolutionize the machine segment and become the number one player in this segment this year, “said senior vice Raju Pullan. Samsung India, President of Home Appliance Business.

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Samsung launches AI-powered washing machine in India: Learn more

Source link Samsung launches AI-powered washing machine in India: Learn more

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