Samantha’s “Oo Antava” Devi Sri Prasad: A song with a social message, not an item number

Pushpa: With Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandana at the forefront, Rise has been successful for over three weeks in box office revenue, despite competition from major releases in Hollywood and Bollywood. The film has reportedly exceeded Rs. 32.5 billion worldwide and is still performing very well around the world. Director Sukumar was recently released on OTT and the film has also been well received on digital platforms. Apart from performances, even movie songs swept the audience.

From Srivalli to Saami Saami to Oo Antava, every song is a big hit in every language. However, Wu Antava, who featured Samantha Ruth Prab and Allu Arjun, was controversial in describing men as “sexually lustful people.” The lyrics of this song, written by Chandra Bose, convey a bold message about how men generally see women. Party members argued that the prayer song had been converted to an “item number.”

In an exclusive conversation with News18.com, music composer Devi Sri Prasad states that the song is neither sexual nor trying to look down on anyone. The song, we knew we would get such a comment. But we are making a real attempt, not to hurt or offend anyone. It’s the scenario we’re talking about, and not all men generalize to be that way. “

Music composers claim that the film industry has long had songs that objectify women, but no one has argued. But when it comes to Oo Antava, who talks about the male gaze, he adds, people suddenly found it uncomfortable. “Many female friends, journalists, and teachers called me and said they didn’t want to make such a song. It’s not an item song, it’s a song with a sociable message.”

Prasad also says he is surrounded by strong women and never looks down on them. “I was raised by a strong mother. I have an older sister and many female friends. I really respect women. Not just me, but everyone on the Pushpa team respects women. We’re not blaming anyone, we’re just talking about the current situation, so seeing it actually poses a lot of problems for women. I want to understand nothing. Those who don’t will hear them wrong. If the song was bad, it wouldn’t have been such a big hit. “

The composer also says he is very “careful” when composing dance numbers. Of these songs I composed, I’m really responsible because I’m loved by kids and women. Also, whenever I compose a song, it’s played to my family, including my mother and sister, at the dinner table. For me, song lyrics can’t corrupt or offend anyone. The lyrics may have hidden meanings that are unavoidable because of the charm of the item song, but they have existed since that time. The song is being made. It’s also in classic songs. It must be served in a fascinating and entertaining way. “

Prasad is really pleased that all the songs in “Pushpa” are so loved. “The songs are big hits in all languages, whether Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada or Malayalam, and credits are given to the team and the audience. All songs cost. The effort was really rewarded. It took almost a month to complete every song in the movie. I carefully selected the singer to fit a particular language. In fact. , I joked with All Arjun and composed for Pushpa. The Rise was like composing for five movies (laughs), “he concludes. ..

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Samantha’s “Oo Antava” Devi Sri Prasad: A song with a social message, not an item number

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