Samantha Prabhu’s new movie “Arrangement of Love” in a bag

New Delhi: Actor Samantha Prabhu is tied up with a rope to play the leading role in the movie “Arrangement of Love”.

British Academy Film Award-winning Welsh director Philip John will lead the project. This is an adaptation of the best-selling 2004 novel of the same title by Indian author Timeli N. Murali.

Produced by Sunitha Tati’s Indian costume Guru Films, the film follows a Welsh Indian man looking for a estranged father who hastily visited his hometown. Samantha runs her own detective agency at the age of 27 and plays an ambitious and entertaining force of nature that is part of the investigation. Her personality is touted as “a progressive bisexual Tamil woman with ultra-traditional parents who want her arranged marriage.”

Excited by the project, Samantha said, “Today, starting with the Arrangement of Love, which has a very adorable personal story, opens up a whole new world. With Philip John, who is doing the project. I’m excited to be able to work in. I’ve been a big fan of Downton Abbey for many years and have been closely following. We look forward to collaborating with Sunita again and hope to be more successful than our previous “Oh! Baby”. My role is a complex character, a challenge, and an opportunity to play. I can’t wait to get into the set. “

This movie will be screened in August 2022.

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Samantha Prabhu’s new movie “Arrangement of Love” in a bag

Source link Samantha Prabhu’s new movie “Arrangement of Love” in a bag

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