Safdarjung Hospital doctor boycotts OPD late

As you can see visually, the protesters were raising flags demanding justice.

Sunil Kumar, director of health services, spoke in protest with a resident doctor at Safderjung Hospital, who boycotted emergency services at the hospital. He appealed to stop the protest for several hours.

On Sunday, a trainee at RML Hospital announced that “because of repeated delays in NEET PG Counseling 2021, we have decided to boycott emergency and OPD services from today.”

“To show our protest against the repeated delays and postponements of NEET-PG2021 counseling, we, the country’s overburdened and exhausted resident doctors, have started the NEET-PG2021 counseling and hospitalization process since 27 November. We have begun to excite to promote it. A form of withdrawal from OPD services. “

“After discussions with various RDA representatives in Delhi, we further escalated the upset and decided to withdraw from all medical services (normal and emergency) from 6 December.” I added.

Previously, on November 27, residents from three central hospitals, RML, Safdarjung, and Lady Hardinge, suspended OPD services in protest of repeated delays in NEET-PG2021 counseling.

Admission to various courses in NEET PG 2021 has been postponed indefinitely following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Safdarjung Hospital doctor boycotts OPD late

Source link Safdarjung Hospital doctor boycotts OPD late

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