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Bangalore: Aiming to be a research-intensive university, Bangalore-based RV University (RVU) has a PhD. First school year program. In the current admission cycle, I have a PhD. The program is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and the Faculty of Economics. It will be available in the next admission cycle of the Practical-based PhD Design Department.

In the College of Liberal Arts, this is a priority area for doctoral degrees. Film studies. Organizational Psychology; Law; Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies; Political Science (Indian Political Thought and Indian Politics); International Relations; Contemporary Indian History (Modern Indian Socio-Cultural History) and Indian Studies. The Faculty of Economics is looking for applications in the field of economics. Marketing; Finance and Banking; Organizational Behavior and Human Resources; and Strategy.

Both full-time and part-time PhD options are available. The part-time option is intended to allow employed candidates to pursue a PhD. RVU has a team of faculty members with many years of experience in academia and practice who provide research oversight. There are two admission cycles in the academic year.

RVU has established collaborations with several national and international universities and institutions, including the University of Essex, the Tagore Research Center in Scotland (University of Edinburgh), and the Justice Initiative Foundation-Bangalore. Universities are currently in the process of strengthening their partnership with international universities for a joint PhD program that will allow them to earn a PhD. PhD scholars from two universities, RVU and partner universities.

Applications for doctoral programs are currently open to the public at The application form is invited by candidates who have a master’s degree with a score of 55% or higher. The deadline for submitting the application is November 13, 2021. Qualified candidates are invited to a selection process that includes a written exam followed by a vivavoce exam. The website provides details about the pricing structure.

The seven research centers already established by RVU provide a vibrant environment for doctoral scholars. Research centers include Sustainable Development Centers, Community Encouragement and Legal Empowerment Centers. Center for Visual Arts; Center for Languages; Center for the Future of Things; Center for Elections and Democracy; Mahatma Gandhi Center for Contemporary Ethics.

Professor YSR Mercy, Vice President of RV University, welcomed the start of the doctoral program and said: Known for our academic and research excellence, we want students to participate in research directly from the undergraduate level. The international cooperation we have built with many partners on different continents earns our PhD. Program to another level. “

Dr. YSR Mercy commented on the institutional infrastructure for research, further stating: It also constitutes the Research Innovation Council. We have talented faculty members with qualifications from some of the best institutions in India and abroad to promote our research agenda. We have formulated appropriate policies and created an environment in which research can prosper. “

Dr. Lakshmi Arya Thathachar holds a PhD. He holds a PhD in Contemporary Indian History from Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. She has been awarded several national and international fellowships, including Postdoctoral Fellow Fulbright Nehru, Charles Wallace Fellowship, and Fellowship of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies in Shimla.

Looking back at the beginning of the doctoral course, Dr. Lakshmi Ariya said: There are government and privately funded research centers that conduct research, and some universities focus primarily on teaching. However, research and education can influence each other. In research-intensive universities, faculty members design courses based on research, guide doctoral candidates, and publish survey results. RV University is committed to creating conditions that enable research by establishing best practices for faculty research time, research centers, and unique PhDs. A research project that asks routes and brave new questions. “

Dr. Lakshmi Arya Thathachar said: “The main purpose of the university is epistemology. It is the pursuit of truth. Given how ideologically polarized the present era is, it is necessary to foster objective and empirically rigorous research. We also need to develop a theoretical framework that can explain empirical evidence. “

In 2021-22, RVU recognized the first cohort of bachelor’s and master’s students. With a PhD, the university has now taken the next step towards realizing its vision of facilitating and encouraging research. program. The National Education Policy 2020 emphasizes that good research is a “mutual requirement for good education and development”. RVU aims to be a research-intensive university in line with this vision of higher education.

RV University PhD Program Promoting Research – Indian Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

Source link RV University PhD Program Promoting Research – Indian Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

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