Russia’s Covid case hits record high as Eastern Europe imposes new curbs

Russia reported a record number of daily COVID-19 cases on Monday as the new wave of pandemics accelerated, and some Central European countries imposed new restrictions.

In Asia, the Red Cross calls for emergency assistance to Papua New Guinea, and due to the recent outbreak of China, the capital Beijing will postpone its annual marathon and strengthen other curbs within four months of the Winter Olympics. I was forced to do that.

Authorities around the world are alerting as infections surge, forcing governments in areas with low vaccine intake to tighten regulations to prevent the virus from running away.

Russia reported 37,930 new COVID-19 infections in the last 24 hours on Monday. This is the highest number of cases per day since the start of the pandemic.

Dissatisfied with the slow domestic intake of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, authorities have introduced stricter measures this week to curb the pandemic epidemic. President Vladimirputin announced last week that holidays would be paid from October 30th to November 7th.

Skepticism about vaccines is high throughout Central and Eastern Europe, making the region a hotspot.

Tighter restrictions were enforced in Romania and the Czech Republic on Monday, and stricter rules were extended to more regions in Slovakia. In Bulgaria, police will begin to fine people who break the limits on Monday.

In Romania, where government officials lamented the “disaster situation” on Saturday, the government reintroduced a curfew, required a health pass to enter most public facilities, and sent school children on a two-week vacation. rice field.

“The restrictions seem to be working and fewer people are on the street. I’ve been waiting here for an hour without an order,” said Georghe Ion, a taxi driver in Bucharest.

Poland’s health minister warned that the government would need to consider stricter restrictions if the number of cases continued to increase, but emphasized that it had no plans to blockade.

Experts said the lack of confidence in public institutions caused by decades of communist rule fueled vaccine skepticism in the region, but more people got jabs. There were signs of responding to fear of the waves by doing so.

Romanian officials said last week that doses were increasing, but in the Czech Republic it was the highest daily dose since late August.

Urgent efforts

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has warned that a huge number of deaths could occur in Papua New Guinea unless international action is taken to support the island nation’s struggling medical services. ..

According to Our World in Data figures, less than 1% of the population is fully vaccinated, and the Red Cross blames misinformation, public anxiety, and logistical challenges.

Uvenama Rova, Executive Director of the PNG Red Cross, said:

Chinese health officials warned on Sunday that the latest cluster, caused by the highly infectious delta variant and involving many airlines that have recently traveled to several states, is likely to grow further.

Beijing has banned people with incidents from other cities and closed indoor venues such as some chess and card parlors, even in non-infected areas. Although the number of infections is much lower than in many places outside China, authorities have adopted a zero-tolerance strategy.

In New Zealand, the number of COVID-19 cases is the second highest each day since the pandemic began, with 109 locally acquired cases of coronavirus reported on Monday, most of which occurred in the largest city, Auckland. ..

New Zealand has suffered from the outbreak of Delta variants, especially in Auckland, after being praised for its successful eradication of the virus, but Auckland has been severely blocked for more than two months.

In Western Europe, cases were increasing despite higher vaccine intake than in the eastern part of the continent.

Infectious diseases in the Netherlands have been on the rise for a month, reaching their highest levels since July on Sunday, after many social distance measurements were discontinued in late September.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte plans to update his coronavirus policy by November 5, but there is increasing pressure to come up with an early response to recent figures.

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Russia’s Covid case hits record high as Eastern Europe imposes new curbs

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