Russian Grand Prix moving from Sochi to St. Petersburg in 2023

Racing in Sochi often resulted in boring races, but was usually the home of Mercedes.

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The race will shift to St. Petersburg in 2023, just 150 km from Finland

The Russian Grand Prix is ​​often held on the scenic yet boring Sochi circuit, hosting one-sided races with limited overtaking. This is nearing the end as the Russian Grand Prix owns a new home when Hermann Tilke moves to another race track, Autodrom Igora Drive, designed in St. Petersburg in 2023.

It will earn Grade 1 status from the FIA ​​at the end of 2020, making it the second largest race track in the world on land.

The course itself is 54 km from St. Petersburg and just 150 km from the Finnish border and is home to Barteribotta and Kimi Raikkonen, but by the time the race begins the situation is progressing, but the two drivers are in F1. May not be in. The truck has 10 different layouts and spans 100 hectares of space.


The Russian Grand Prix was usually the home of Mercedes

“We are pleased to see this following a collaborative effort with our Russian partners and a detailed evaluation of Igora Drive. F1 will race on that wonderful circuit from 2023,” said F1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali. Told.

“I was impressed with St. Petersburg and believe that the Russian Grand Prix at Igora Drive will be a great event,” he added.

The event was canceled due to a pandemic, but a German touring car DTM race was scheduled for a 15-turn counterclockwise 4,086km track.

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Formula One says race details will be announced in the coming months. This year’s Russian Grand Prix will be held on September 26th, but there are no COVID 19 related restrictions that will occur in the 11th hour. It will be the penultimate race on the course.

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Russian Grand Prix moving from Sochi to St. Petersburg in 2023

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