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Ruhani Sharma happy with her strong role

Posted the success of her debut movie, Chi Law Sow, Ruhani Sharma was selective about the project. Her next movie, 101 Jillala Andagadu, Director Rachakonda Vidya Sagar is a blend of drama, emotion and laughter, the actress says.

“”101 Jirala Andagadu About those who deal with anxiety. I play Avasarala’s love interests and help him overcome the difficulties of life. “My role was very well etched,” said the actress, and I feel lucky to have played such a powerful role early in my career.

Ruhani reveals that she began to play her part during the filming. “I’ve changed a lot as a person. I’m starting to be more acceptable and empathetic. It wasn’t too early (laughs), but for some reason this role had a big impact on me. My role as a working woman who enjoys seeing life from a bigger perspective has come to be seen, “she explains. Ruhani signs off hoping to be able to make a female-centric movie.

Ruhani Sharma happy with her strong role

Source link Ruhani Sharma happy with her strong role

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