Roche announces collaboration with PathAI

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Collaboration with PathAI will give pathologists access to innovative AI-powered technologies to support companion diagnostics and drug development programs.

Roche has announced that it has signed a contract with PathAI, a world leader in artificial intelligence (AI) -powered technology for pathology. Based on the development and distribution agreement, the two companies will jointly develop an implantable image analysis workflow for pathologists. This workflow gives you access to PathAI image analysis algorithms within NAVIFY Digital Pathology, the cloud version of Roche’s uPath enterprise software. This collaboration is made possible through Roche’s Digital Pathology Open Environment. This gives pathologists secure access to third-party AI-powered technologies along with an ever-growing menu of Roche’s AI-based image analysis tools.

This agreement with PathAI is one of the first contracts to extend digital tools through Roche’s open environment and one of the first contracts for PathAI to distribute AI-powered solutions through third-party platforms.

Thomas Schinecker, CEO of Roche Diagnostics, said: Increased access to the menu of high-value digital diagnostic tools further ensures that patients are diagnosed accurately and receive the most effective treatment available. “

Roche initially distributes the Research-Use-Only (RUO) algorithm developed by PathAI across multiple cancer types through NAVIFY Digital Pathology. Combined innovation expands support for companion diagnostics and drug development programs for healthcare companies.

Dr. Andy Beck, CEO of PathAI, said: “This collaboration integrates all the components needed to deliver and commercialize differentiated AI-based digital pathology medical devices, including assays, scanners, image management systems, and algorithms. We are confident that it will unleash the potential of digital pathology in the setting of companion diagnostics, provide differentiated services to biopharmaceutical sponsors, and ultimately provide new opportunities to improve patient outcomes. “

Roche announces collaboration with PathAI

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