Roblox is back for many gamers after a long outage

Roblox is a free online website and app with millions of video games and other entertainment experiences, all created by your own users, not the company.

According to internal indicators, Roblox spent 4 billion hours in August with more than 48 million users. The platform is especially popular with preteens.

As of Sunday afternoon, some users said they were able to return to the platform.

The company tweeted on Sunday night. “Roblox is back online everywhere. Please wait for a while as it will return to normal.”

Late Sunday night, a Roblox spokeswoman said in an email statement that the platform was backed up and the outage involved a “server increase” in the company’s data center.

“We apologize for the time it took to restore service. We deeply appreciate the patience and support of Roblox’s player, developer and partner communities,” the statement said.

The outage began when the company partnered with Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. to launch a Halloween-themed event. At this event, the restaurant chain promised to offer Roblox users over $ 1 million in free burritos. Roblox tweeted on Friday that the outage was “not related to any particular experience or partnership on the platform.”

Julia Ocasio, eight, in Brooklyn, New York, said the power outage brought dampers over the weekend.

“I was a little hurt because I enjoy playing Roblox whenever I’m bored,” said the third grader.

Her father, Ray Ocasio, a 50-year-old substance abuse counselor, said the suspension was frustrating for him as a parent. “I don’t want to tinker with my kids,” he said, but added that he also had the opportunity to teach Julia about maintaining equality. ..

Many content creators have also been influenced, including the ambitious YouTuber Hannah Rizk, who recently launched on YouTube to create and post weekly videos about the Roblox role-playing game “Adopt Me!”. The 14-year-old is Microsoft Corp. I switched to play. While waiting for things, “Minecraft” and other games.

Hannah’s mother, 44-year-old Sabrina Rizuk, said she also missed playing a game at Roblox with her daughter.

“I’ve noticed withdrawal,” said Rizk, a housewife in the suburbs of Austin, Texas, who bought about $ 1,000 in Roblox’s stock when it went public in March. .. “It was a good way to decompress from the stressors of life, especially now that the pandemic is being dragged in.”

Outages that affect a large number of users are relatively common. Earlier this month, Facebook Inc. Service has been offline for as long as 6 hours. The company apologized for the incidents that affected core platforms and apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Senger.

According to a recent global survey completed by Uptime Institute LLC, a provider of data center reliability consulting services, 69% of data center operators have experienced some outages in the last three years. Human error played a role in 78% of these incidents, with 44% having financial, reputation, and other significant consequences.

Roblox’s business model does not feature advertising, but focuses on the purchase of cryptocurrencies that allow users to obtain in-game perks and items for avatars.

Like Facebook, now renamed Meta Platforms Inc., Roblox is one of those who have recently been trying to increase their interest in the Metaverse. It is loosely defined as a broad future online world where people exist and interact in shared virtual spaces through digital avatars.

Roblox users interact as avatars, moving from one experience to another, such as a concert by a popular real-world artist. For example, in September, millions of fans logged on to the platform over the weekend to watch the performance of the Twenty One Pilot.

Roblox was one of the most beneficiary companies as Covid-19 persuaded people to stay home more.

Based in San Mateo, Calif., The company was worth about $ 4 billion in personal value after raising funds in February 2020. Its valuation soared to nearly $ 30 billion in January this year through funding. Roblox made its debut on the stock market in March through a direct listing of over $ 40 billion.

Stock prices have risen by more than 30% since the first transaction on the New York Stock Exchange. Despite the suspension, the stock rose about 1.5% and was trading at about $ 84 on Friday.

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Roblox is back for many gamers after a long outage

Source link Roblox is back for many gamers after a long outage

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