Rishi Sunak spends on skills and health care on a UK budget

London: UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak announces a series of spending pledges, including £ 5 billion for health research and innovation and £ 3 billion for education and skills, ahead of next fall’s budget statement. bottom.
The Indian finance minister, who has been responsible for the country’s financial response to the pandemic, reiterated his promise to “do whatever it takes” to help businesses and working families.
In a pledge announced by the Treasury prior to Wednesday’s budget speech, £ 1.4 billion was allocated to encourage foreign investment in British companies and attract foreign talent. £ 700m will be spent primarily on the new post-Brexit border and immigration system, as well as the new maritime patrol fleet. £ 560m for adult math coaching to improve computing power. And a 6-month extension of the Covid recovery loan scheme until June 2022.
“I know the family here is in a pinch of overpriced and worried about the coming months,” Sunak wrote in “Sun on Sunday.”
“But we want you to know, we keep doing whatever we need and keep your back as we did during the pandemic, and we have these problems. I can’t solve it overnight, but I’m determined to address these challenges. Face the front with the same grit and determination that this great country has shown throughout the pandemic. ” He is writing.
At the heart of his plan is the so-called “skill revolution,” which covers T-level skill qualifications between the ages of 16 and 19.
“This £ 3 billion skills revolution is based on our employment plan, transforming education after the age of 16 to open up opportunities throughout the UK and help people earn more and live their lives. We provide the skills you need to do that, “says Sunak.
Approximately 500,000 people are also expected to benefit from the new Multiply program of free tutoring, digital training and flexible courses.
“Better math can mean better work and bigger wage packets. Multiplication helps people develop new skills and create opportunities,” Sunak added.
In addition, UK-wide Covid-19 antiviral trials cost £ 33 million, £ 40 million to research social care reforms, £ 30 million to invest in research skills and training, and £ 20 million to research. Will be killed. In climate change and health.
The fall budget submitted to the House of Commons is important in the UK’s financial calendar and is accompanied by a spending review to allocate funds to various government sectors. Snacks described next week’s budget as his plan to “invest in public services, invest in growth, and invest in work.”

Rishi Sunak spends on skills and health care on a UK budget

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