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Rice University has launched a comprehensive capital campaign to raise $ 2 billion by the end of 2025. This is the biggest funding effort in university history.

The campaign undertakes a wide range of donations, expansions and enhancements to Rice’s academic experience and research companies, including recruiting more faculty, conducting new programs and research activities, building new facilities, and expanding students’ bodies.

“The United States is now dramatically expanding its faculty and registration, as well as its ambitions and impact on the world,” said President David Reebron. “We are building this campaign based on our commitment to transformative, forward-thinking, innovative, creative and impartial. We cater to the needs of our world. We have set bold goals for Rice’s bold future, providing greater opportunities for. “

“Be Bold: The Campaign for Rice” has already secured a $ 1.2 billion commitment, including two of the biggest gifts in college history, and will start with great momentum. The Moody Foundation has pledged $ 100 million to build a new student center and donate to a new student program. The Robert E. Welch Foundation has pledged $ 100 million to set up the Welch Institute, which focuses on world-leading advanced materials research.

Next year will mark the 60th anniversary of President Kennedy’s groundbreaking “We have chosen to go to the Moon” speech at Rice Stadium. The theme of the campaign is inspired by Kennedy’s declaration that “we must be bold” for the United States to land a man on the moon.

Robert Rudd, President of Rice University, said: Of the trustee. “This campaign is our opportunity to take our own moonshots and put our full support behind the talented faculty and students who are moving the world forward.”

Early efforts on the campaign have already affected the campus, with funding raised by the opera blockman hall, the architectural canady hall, the Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Lily), and the new leader. Was sent to the Door Institute for. , Craft Hall for Social Sciences, New Engineering and Science Building, Maxfield Hall (Mechanical Engineering Institute renovated as a new home in the Faculty of Statistics), NEST 360 Program, OpenStax, Salo for Visual and Dramatic Arts Fimhall, 13 faculty and new faculties of education, Baker Institute fellowship and athletic facilities and support.

Among the major initiatives funded by the campaign are scholarships of approximately $ 150 million for US investment. This is a generous financial assistance program designed to make elite college education more affordable for low- and middle-income households. The university plans to increase the body size of undergraduates to 4,800 and open a twelfth residential university by the fall of 2025 to increase the population of students on campus. With an increasing number of graduates seeking a degree, Rice’s total enrollment is expected to reach approximately 9,000 by the fall of 2025.

Meanwhile, Rice plans to maintain a student-to-faculty ratio of 6: 1. Approximately $ 625 million raised in this campaign will be used to invest in faculty funds and programs that span all eight college schools.

An additional $ 400 million raised in the campaign will go to technology and building projects, including new science and engineering buildings. An additional $ 100 million will be devoted to supporting graduate students, and $ 75 million will be devoted to the Rice Annual Fund to support a variety of student and academic services.

A key element of the campaign is devoted to investing in Houston’s future, leveraging the university’s strengths in driving innovation, equity and economic growth. With the goal of making Houston the global capital of energy transformation, Carbon Hub will work towards a future of zero emissions that divides hydrocarbons to produce clean hydrogen as an energy source that does not contribute to global warming. .. The Houston Education and Research Consortium partnership between Rice and the 11 Houston Regional School Districts provides education policy makers with data-driven research. Meanwhile, the African American Studies Center and BRIDGE (building research on inequality and diversity to grow equity) are central to Rice and Houston in their national efforts to overcome racial inequality. Position it to play a role.

“Rice’s long-standing commitment to excellence and academic opportunities has laid the foundation for a series of bold strategic investments,” said Reebron. “This capital campaign will enable these investments for generations of students destined to be part of Rice’s future.”

Rice University: Rice Launches $ 2 Billion Capital Campaign – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

Source link Rice University: Rice Launches $ 2 Billion Capital Campaign – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

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