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Tennessee [US]: Risk factors for hospitalization and poor outcome are well documented in adults, but little is known about the clinical factors associated with the severity of COVID-19 disease in children.

A new study sought to identify factors associated with severe coronavirus infection in children. The results of this study were published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine.

To support mitigation strategies for children at high risk of developing severe COVID disease, a group of physicians at Monroe Karel Junior Children’s Hospital in Vanderbild surveyed data from 45 children’s hospitals nationwide. It included 20,000 patients.

“This is one of the largest multicenter collaborative studies in the United States for children with COVID-19,” said James Antoon, MD, PhD, FAAP, an assistant professor of pediatrics at a children’s hospital and lead author of the study. Says.

“And recently, with regard to the nationwide increase in COVID cases and the fact that the majority of children are unvaccinated and susceptible, we have considered preventive strategies in schools and children under the age of 12 These findings should be taken into account when planning vaccination, if available, of age, “he said.

This study identified factors associated with serious illness and poor health in children admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. These included, among other things, the elderly and chronic comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes and neurological conditions.

“These factors help identify vulnerable children who are most likely to require hospitalization or develop severe COVID-19 disease,” said Antoon.

“Our findings also highlight children who should prioritize the COVID-19 vaccine when approved by the FDA,” Antoon added.

A retrospective cohort study showed that one in four children admitted with COVID developed serious illness and needed ICU care in April and September 2020.

“There is intense debate across the country about the best ways to protect children and schools from COVID-19,” said Antoon.

“Some children are at increased risk of more serious illness, and many are not yet eligible for COVID vaccination,” Antoon added.

“Because the school is open and some are already open, these children use practical strategies to limit the spread of masking, distance, ventilation, etc.,” said Antoun. We need to protect as many people as possible by vaccination. “

Researchers hope that the findings will support mitigation efforts that have proven to be most beneficial to children and adolescents during a pandemic. This includes distance learning, social distance, hand washing, and wearing masks for both students and teachers.

Research, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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