Republicans urge Wisconsin to suspend voting certification

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Updated: November 25, 2020 8:40:18 am

Election workers will recount ballots at the recount of the presidential election at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee on Saturday, November 21, 2020. (Mike De Sisti / Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP)

The Republican Party filed a proceeding on Tuesday, calling on the Wisconsin Supreme Court to block proof of presidential election results, but a recount of President Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump is underway.

The proceedings reflect much of the same argument that Trump failed in trying to discount tens of thousands of votes during the recount. It also aims to empower Republican-controlled state legislatures to appoint presidential electors.

Wisconsin law allows political parties to choose electors. This was done in October. Once the results of the upcoming elections on December 1st are proven, those pre-determined electors will vote for the winner on December 14th.

“The proceedings filed this afternoon seek to deprive all Wisconsin people who voted in this year’s presidential election,” said Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul. “The Wisconsin Department of Justice guarantees that the Wisconsin presidential elector will be elected based on the will of the more than 3 million Wisconsin voters who voted.”

The proceedings also said that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “tried to illegally circumvent Wisconsin’s absentee ballot law” through a grant from a nonprofit center funded by him. Reaffirmed the claim that it was rejected in September.

At least 10 proceedings have been filed nationwide seeking to suspend certification in some or all of the major battlefield states, including proceedings filed by the Trump campaigns in Michigan and Pennsylvania. So far, nothing has been successful.

The Wisconsin election results will be certified on December 1.

The Wisconsin case was filed by Eric Cardal, a former Minnesota Republican official who represented rapper Kanye West in a failed trial attempting to vote in Wisconsin. Kaardal is a conservative group called the Wisconsin Voter Alliance and is the host of Republican voters.

Kaardal also filed an unsuccessful federal proceeding in Wisconsin, awarding $ 6.3 million to five Democratic cities, primarily from a non-profit Center for Technology and Civic Life funded by Zuckerberg and his wife. I tried to prevent it from being done. The judge has filed a proceeding claiming a bribe to increase Democratic turnout in Green Bay, Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee and Racine.

Many of the same arguments claiming that gold was awarded illegally are therefore being filed in a new proceeding in state court, which requires the election results to be invalidated.

Other claims reflect those from Trump’s campaign. Voters identified these allegations as being “indefinitely trapped” by election managers by filling out missing information on certificate envelopes, including ballots, to circumvent the state’s photo ID law. Claims that absentee ballots should not have been counted if they were lying.

The Wisconsin Election Commission advises clerks to fill out missing information on ballots, such as witness addresses. It has been practiced for years, and it has never been challenged.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court reviewed the state election committee’s guidance this spring and said it was up to each voter to decide whether to be imprisoned indefinitely. This year, more than 215,000 voters have been restricted to voting without presenting photo ID. The proceedings state that more than 96,000 self-identifying voters should not be counted.

Biden beat Wisconsin with 20,608 votes, but the proceedings argue that more than 156,000 ballots should be thrown away.

The proceedings alleged that more than 14,000 votes were made “requested by someone other than that person in the name of a registered Republican” and more than 12,000 “Republican ballots” were returned but not counted. ing. It is impossible to know the number of Republicans and Democrats who have requested absentee ballots, as Wisconsin political parties have not registered as voters.

The proceedings are due to the recounts in Milwaukee and Dane counties causing few voting changes. As of Tuesday morning, Trump had only 57 votes. Trump paid for recounts only in the two counties with the most Democratic votes.

About 400 absentee votes cast in Milwaukee that were not held on election day were found on Tuesday. This was a mistake made by the city’s highest election authorities due to human error. The county campaign committee unanimously voted to count ballots as part of the recount that must be done by December 1.

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Republicans urge Wisconsin to suspend voting certification

Source link Republicans urge Wisconsin to suspend voting certification

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