Republican turnout in California is not high enough to launch Newsom

Los Angeles: Much more Republicans than Democrats in California needed a big turnout in this week’s recall to get a chance to dismiss Governor Gavin Newsom. It didn’t happen.

Approximately 9.2 million votes were counted on Tuesday, with an estimated 2.9 million votes not yet aggregated. This shows that the overall turnout is about 55%, which is the average of California’s midterm elections, well below the 80% voted in the 2020 presidential election.

Last year, then-President Donald Trump won more votes than any Republican presidential candidate in more than 6 million state history, but was overwhelmed by Democrat Joe Biden, who had more than 11 million. rice field.

Early polls in the recall contest suggested that Republicans were very motivated to eliminate Newsom in the rare late summer elections. Republicans needed enthusiastic turnout and a strong show from conservative independents to reach the majority of votes needed to expel Newsom, as the party accounts for only 24% of registered voters. ..

Instead, Newsom seems to be heading for about 64% of support.

Jessica Traunstin, chairman of the Department of Political Science at Merced’s University of California, said Republicans needed dramatic turnout differences to move forward in this election, something that was basically impossible with land laying. Said it would be.

If the mail ballots that arrive later continue to be aggregated this year, support for recalls will be around 4.5 million votes, or about 37% of the total. In 2018, Republican John Cox won about 4.7 million votes, or 38%, in an explosive defeat to Newsom. This shows that GOP voters are no longer enthusiastic.

Entering Tuesday’s elections, Placer County, Northern California, is where recall supporters were hoping for strong support. Democrats hold a nearly 2: 1 registration edge across the state, while Republicans have a 10-point advantage as a placer.

In the 2018 elections, Placer’s turnout was around 75 percent, with Cox 18 percentage points ahead of Newsome. Recall turnout seems to be heading towards about 52%, and support for expelling Newsum was only a two-point edge as voting continued.

In the former Republican hometown of Orange County, voters refused to expel him by about 4 percentage points at the epicenter of resistance to the Newsoms COVID-19 restriction, which helped facilitate recall efforts.

Kern County’s turnout was 55% in 2018, giving Trump a 10-point victory in 2020. Recall turnout appeared to be below 50%, with supporters of Newsom’s removal significantly leading. The same was true for Madera County, which is part of California’s vast Central Valley agricultural area, like Khan. Madera’s turnout tended to be 10 points lower than in 2018.

Cox, one of Newsom’s successors, said the recall was successful and did not explain the fair indications by Republicans and conservative voters. He pointed to the state’s unidentified homeless crisis, rising crime rates, and rising housing costs, and said he was disappointed that more callers weren’t flocking to polls.

That can’t be explained to me, Cox said.

He speculates that they either gave up or were debilitated, suggesting that the misery of election days for California Republicans affected the GOP display.

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Republican turnout in California is not high enough to launch Newsom

Source link Republican turnout in California is not high enough to launch Newsom

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