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Renault Dacia Big Star Concept Debut

2021 Renault Dacia Big Star SUV Concept

If Renault plans to bring a production version of the Dacia Big Star SUV to India, it will lock the corner with the new Tata Safari, MG Hector Plus and Hyundai Creta 7-seater.

Renault’s subsidiary Dacia has announced an interesting new SUV design concept called the Big Star.Measurement 4.6 meters in length, The concept previews a new flagship SUV that is set to sit on top of the duster. To give an idea, it’s as big as the upcoming Tata Safari and Skoda Kodiak. The Fortuner is larger, about 4.8 meters long.

The production version of the Dacia Bigster is one of three new cars launched by the Romanian brand by 2025. Duster is also the first Dacia product launched in Europe. In India, Duster was launched under the Renault brand name due to the absence of Dacia. Compared to Renault, Dacia is considered to be a more affordable brand.

Dacia big star

The Dacia Big Star styling seems to be an evolution of the popular Duster design philosophy. Key visual elements include a wide front fascia with LED lighting, a flat roofline, a muscular haunch, flared wheel arches, and a simple rear fascia with a Y-shaped combination light. The length of the SUV concept suggests that the production model will accommodate three rows of seats.

At the heart of it is the new Dacia logo, which will debut on production vehicles in the coming months.Concept protection Exterior panel is made of recycled plastic.. Dacia hasn’t revealed the interior, but expects the production model to have a fresh design and state-of-the-art features.

2021 Renault Dacia Big Star SUV Concept
2021 Renault Dacia Big Star SUV Concept

Also, do you want to preview the next generation duster?

As the Dacia / Renault Duster will be replaced in the near future, the Big Star concept hopes to create a shorter five-seat derivative that inherits the popular nameplate. The 5-seat and 7-seat combo seems to be heading towards the global medium-sized crossover segment.

In this way, automakers can cover a wider audience with a single product. Current examples include MG Hector and Hector Plus, Tataharia and Safari, Hyundai Creta and its upcoming 7-seater derivatives.

With the support of the Renault-Nissan Alliance CMF-B modular platform, Dacia Big Star offers C-segment functionality for B-segment money. With the creation of the new Dacia-Lada business unit, more synergies and economies of scale are imminent in order to keep the overall cost structure competitive.

2021 Renault Dacia Big Star SUV Concept
2021 Renault Dacia Big Star SUV Concept

Renault has confirmed that all future Dacia and Lada products will be based on the aforementioned platform. Dacia states that Bigster will be offered both alternative energy (probably LPG) and hybrid powertrain options without much to reveal.

Will it come to India?

Renault Duster may not now have the same presence it once had in India, but nameplates still have significant marketing value. Therefore, the next-generation model will be an important addition to the Indian portfolio of French car makers, and the longer 7-seater model will be strategically important.

So if the retail version of the Big Star concept didn’t reach India with the Renault badge, we would be surprised. However, we do not expect this to occur before 2025.

Renault Dacia Big Star Concept Debut

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