Red Sox Slide Home Run Laundry Cart on ALCS Against Astros

Boston: It was in the middle of a pandemic, and the Boston Red Sox was stinking. They couldn’t even count on the crowd as the Major League Baseball stadium emptied in 2020. During a particularly noisy road game at Raise’s Tropicana Field, Jason Varitek suggested that the game need to be returned to fun.

When Christian Vusquez hit a home run, the word barely left his lips. There, backup catcher Kevin Plawecki grabbed a nearby laundry cart, waited for Vuzquez to return to Dougout, and said, “Hey, jump in.”

Plawecki said he wasn’t talking about it on Wednesday. “He sat down immediately and I pushed him, and I guess because it was ours.

The 2004 Red Sox was a fool. In 2013 they had a bushy beard. And if the 2021 team performs like its predecessor and wins the World Series, the protracted image could be the tunnel time when a home run laundry cart drives a doug out.

The Red Sox began in the skylark of the last season and continued to celebrate this year, riding to the spot of the AL Championship Series starting in Houston on Friday night.

It was great for them to find something fun and celebrate something in the game during the difficult season, said manager Alex Cora. That makes a lot of sense to them. It’s great for them to enjoy it.

Sports teams have long found unique ways to celebrate victory and other milestones. From the now-daily post-victory gatorade baths to the jackets and jewelery presented to the big names.

Even baseball, where traditionalists mock what appears to be rude or dignified, the team is not afraid to show some personality.

The Phillies have a straw home run hat, and the Rocky has a home run shade. The Blue Jays have a blue blazer for members of the HR club. Turn around a necklace adorned with 7 pounds of jewels called a swag chain.

During the 2019 World Series, Washington Nationals car enthusiasts Adam Eaton and Howie Kendrick pretend to step on a fictitious clutch to drive a dugout, shift fake gear, and make a big mouth. We celebrated by making a noise from the rotating engine.

Everyone had their own way of enjoying. That’s all, Plawecki said in a field interview during batting practice at Fenway Park. It’s not your face to anyone. It’s just the way we enjoy it, lighten it.

The Boston cart is a new, customized model that has never touched real laundry. There was also a day of his own bobblehead doll (although the Red Sox tells us that he honored JD Martinez on the gift).

During the playoffs, infielder José Iglesias was responsible for Karito and declared himself an official driver. Iglesias, who was acquired later in the season to qualify for the playoffs roster, said he was happy to contribute to the dugout as he couldn’t make it to the field.

Plawecki said it was a good way for him to stay involved with the men. I know it actually kills him by not being there with us. He is such a help for all of us. “

Plawecki said he had no regrets about waiving his duty to drive the cart. After all, in the Red Sox way, he needs to save energy. Boston beat rival Yankees with an AL wildcard to hit two home runs, and nine more in the four-game Division Series beat Tampa Bay in the franchise’s postseason. Record 5 of them in Game 2 alone.

They made me very busy. “


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Red Sox Slide Home Run Laundry Cart on ALCS Against Astros

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