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The origin of the name is that Shakespeare was equipped with “Romeo and Juliet”. Well, TV actor Karan Kundra isn’t exactly the same as the famous British playwright, poet and actor. In fact, it’s okay to bet the last penny that he’s still tearing his hair after Raj Kundra, who has recently been judicial detained in a pornographic case, and people mistake him. Karan was posting, but he apparently didn’t seem to be amused. “A friend in the United States noticed this error. Some people are writing nasty things on social media pages. This mess has been part of my existence for a long time, so I thought it was a joke at first. People wrote Karan Kundra for Raj Kundra and used my name to refer to Shilpa Shetty’s husband, but in reports related to pornographic rackets my name and photo When I started using it, it got out of hand, “he wrote.

please think about it. Some celebrities have noticed that it’s part of an error comedy (frankly, comedy isn’t the right word here), and as a result, landed on an embarrassing hotspot that I haven’t forgotten until the date- Please blame them for the shared name. Many from that list are still tortured, even if some situations are cheerful (probably torture is the correct word). Is there a flip side to these mistakes? Or do you have to live with them unless you change their name or at least the spelling? Let’s discuss.

Put another faucet straight into the photo. Karan Oberoi, famous for “A Band Of Boys,” said he found himself in an interesting example where people felt he was Karan Johar. “For example, someone called me to appear in a movie. The caller said that I made’Kuch Kuch Hota’and wanted to appear in such a movie. What? After several attempts, I managed to get home to be Karan Oberoi instead of Karan Johar, but he wasn’t very sure yet. ”


Sussanne Khan’s sister, jewelry designer Farah Khan Ali, and choreographer-to-director Farah Khan are not siamese twins, but they will communicate with each other as soon as possible if they have any inquiries. Farah Khan Ali said, “She received a lot of jewelery orders and got a lot of models and scripts for her that she wanted to enter in Bollywood. But let’s talk about this … once someone But the biggest thing that happened was when there was a police complaint order against her, Raveena Tandon and Bharti Singh (FIR in February 2020 in Nagpur). The community), complaint documents came to my house for the three at the Mankapur police station! ”


Is there a loophole? Does anyone feel that they need to change their name or spelling? Bollywood’s favorite numerologist, Sanjay B Jumaani, told ETimes that there were cases where officials said it was enough. “Famous theater artist Fellows Khan has said that he wants to change his spelling because many felt he was filmmaker Fellows Khan. I spelled him. Changed to a better number. The “e” behind the Fellows, to write it as Fellows. A certain time “.


How does this Ramaur Shyam situation work? Have you ever seen Feroz Khan, the maker of “Dayavan”, on the other side? Or has the other person ever seen Farah Khan, the maker of “Main Hoonna”? So both Fellows Khan and Farah Khan are very famous. One source said, “The other person has seen Farah Khan, but when he gets a number that belongs to Farah Khan or the address where Farah Khan is staying, he is too excited to check. We’re still a very star track Society. We’re still crazy and wrong … I’m dazzled by arc lamps and charm. ” Sources say, “Well, the other person may start spamming the phone, sending parcels or letters, and worse, getting to the address you got (obviously, a source that you don’t have much of yourself). I know).

Karan Oberoi also said that Karan Grover (another Karan in the business, the fame of “Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki”) is his best friend and Karan Singh Grover (married to Bipasha Basu). When considered, Grover said he had experienced some confusion. But, at least as far as he is concerned, changing his identity has never hit him, as he cherishes it. “There are a lot of curans in the industry, but to be honest, many have changed their names to curans. Why do I need to change my name? Their real name is not curans. 2000 Around the age, after I entered the entertainment world, it was suddenly thought to be very cool. I have your name as Karan. ”

Sadness continues: Kunaal Kapoor (the fame of “Ran de Basanti” married to Amitabh Bachchan’s niece Naina Bachchan) and Kunaal Roy Kapoor (Siddharth Roy Kapoor’s brother “Delly” Berry’s) have signed an agreement as they inform. When someone is looking for them with a jigsaw puzzle in their head, each other. Kunal Kapoor told ETimes, “I just realized that it was for Kunal Kapoor and had a text conversation with people. Now I’m forwarding such messages to each other. In fact, a chef famous by my name. And investment bankers. ”

Please wait until you hear this! Jennifer Mistry of “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” informed us that her role on the phone was confirmed because she thought she had signed up for Jennifer Winget of “Bay Had” fame.


However, the most sensitive times and the greatest plight were faced by senior actor Sushant Singh (who established the crime show “Savdan India” for the longest time). When Sushant Singh was contacted, he said, “When Sushant Singh Rajput died last June 14, I realized he was part of my life. He’s not just a good actor. Because I heard about him, he was also a good man. What was addressed to him came to me and an offer for him was brought to me. His end was the other way around. I think. I emphasized cleaning the air for everyone. I remember when SSR just entered the industry, I was asked on the red carpet to talk about a movie I wasn’t doing. And one day, when the casting guy insisted on going home, things got really crazy. I didn’t accept it because it didn’t fit my age, even though I said the reason for the refusal on the phone. I wasn’t ready to hear. Chahie (we chose only you, we only want you) “. The man didn’t even come alone, he brought the movie director to my house! I looked at me for a moment, the first word they said was “Oh!”

But Sushant Singh said, “But what do you know! Sometimes I’m confused too. One Kabir Khan always sends me a wish message with Eid and Holy. I For years I thought it was the director of 1983, but it turned out to be another Kabir Khan. ”

And take this! “Frankly, when I first heard the news, I thought my senior Sushant Singh died on June 14th last year,” Farah Khan Ali said.

It’s not over yet! Bollywood’s famous photographer Dabboo Ratnani noticed that he was imagined as the father of Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. “People are confused between Randhir Kapoor (pet name Daboo), Daboo Malik, and me. Daboo Malik (Anu Malik’s brother) is a musician but shoots their portfolio from actors. I’m called to you, “he laughed.


Is there an inside out for this? Is there any advantage? The upcoming web show “Country Mafia” actress Pooja Bisht hasn’t called in the name of TV actress Valqua Bisht (who has recently been rumored to have left her husband Indra Neil Sengupta), Often mistaken for her. Pooja counterattacked, “What are the benefits? What is the inside out? It doesn’t add anything. It’s just annoying.” Amen!

Raj Kundra or Karan Kundrra: B Town Name Confusion, Comedy, Confusion | Hindi Movie News

Source link Raj Kundra or Karan Kundrra: B Town Name Confusion, Comedy, Confusion | Hindi Movie News

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