Raiders Hires Gas Bradley as New Defense Coordinator

The Las Vegas Raiders have hired Gas Blood Ray as their new defense coordinator on a mission to turn around one of the league’s worst units.

Coach Jon Gruden has invited experienced Bradley on Tuesday to take on the role of staff for the first two seasons or more before Paul Gwencer was fired in December.

Bradley started in the Tampa Bay Grudens staff NFL from 2006 to 2008 before heading to Seattle, where he was a defensive coordinator for four seasons. He helped build the dominant defense of the Seahawks, who won the Super Bowl the year after he went on to work as head coach in Jacksonville.

Bradley wrestled with Jaguar and was fired 14-48 in the second half of the fourth season. He then returned to the role of defensive coordinator for the last four seasons at the Los Angeles Chargers.

He takes over the defense of the Raiders, who needs significant improvements. Since Gruden returned Nguyenser as defensive coordinator in 2018, the Raiders have scored the most points in the NFL, with the fewest sack, the second lowest takeout, and the second highest yard per play. did.

Therefore, I decided to dismiss Nguyenser 14 weeks later. Defensive line coach Rod Marineri will be in charge of the last three games and will remain on the Bradley’s staff.

The Chargers allowed Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram two top edge rushers during the four seasons of Bradley’s defending, allowing the eighth lowest point and the eleventh lowest yard per play. Despite this, I had a hard time generating takeout and putting pressure on the quarterback.

The unit in which he takes over the Raiders lacks such star power. The second-year defensive end, Max Crosby, was the most effective pass rusher for the 17-sack, but he’s not a game-changing player like Boza. Clerin Ferrel, the fourth overall pick in 2019, showed improvement in the second year, but is not an elite pass rusher.

The young and safe Jonathan Abram and cornerbacks Trayvon Maren and Damon Arnett have been selected in the last two drafts.

The linebacker group has strengthened this past off-season with the addition of free agents Nickkvia Tokoski and Corey Lyttelton. However, Lyttelton struggles to adapt to the new defense and needs to improve next season.

The Raiders missed all three seasons of playoffs under Gruden, but thanks to improved attacks, they made a slight improvement from four wins in the first year to seven in 2019 and eight in the past season. Shown.


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Raiders Hires Gas Bradley as New Defense Coordinator

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