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Rahul Gandhi rang a trumpet in Kerala, blamed BJP, leftist government

Parliament on Tuesday caused a poll turmoil in Kerala, the party organized a huge rally, and leader Rahul Gandhi talked about controversial farming and rising fuel prices. The center launched a devastating attack on the ruling LDF and BJP governments in Kerala.

Congressman Wayanard also asked why the BJP did not attack the CPI (M) -led government and “softened the proceedings against the CM’s office.”

Gandhi emphasized his visit to Kerala, is accustomed to “various types of politics” in North India, and people are interested in “problems”, so coming to Kerala is “very” It was “fresh”.

Looking at soaring fuel prices, parliamentary leaders oppose raising central and state governments despite low oil prices in the international market, with both governments being the wealthiest people in the country. Claimed to be funding.

He attacked the left government and Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on ongoing protests by the PSC rank holders section in front of the state secretariat, claiming that only CPI (M) workers could use their jobs in Kerala. ..

The first two farming laws have destroyed the country’s agricultural sector, and the third law has denied justice to peasants, but after he started a large rally here, opposition leaders He claimed to have shown the culmination of 22 days of Aishwariyayatra led by him. State Legislature Rameshchennitara.

“The first is to destroy the farmers market. The second is to allow the wealthiest people to procure grain and unlimited hoarding. These two laws allow us to control grain and vegetable prices. “I will.” He insisted.

“They (government) have only one purpose. Farmers don’t get the right price for their produce, which means that all middle-class peasant workers have to pay more,” he said. Said.

“And that’s why millions of farmers are protesting. What did the Prime Minister say? They are terrorists,” Gandhi insisted.

“The oil prices in the international market are falling, but the prices of gasoline and diesel are rising in India, rupees of thousands of rupees,” said Wayanad, targeting central and state governments over rising fuel prices. Is rising. Take it out of your pocket every day. ”

“Where is this money going? Who is this money given to? It is given to the wealthiest people in the country,” Gandhi said.

Turning to BJP, he asked why it wasn’t attacking the CPI (M) -led government and “softened the proceedings against the CM’s office.”

“I’m fighting the BJP and RSS ideologies every day. BJP attacks every stage of me. Now they’re watching this speech and wondering how they can attack me.

I don’t understand, why do they soften in the proceedings against the CM office? Why does it take so long? ”

“Why CBI and ED don’t attack the government? I’m confused. When you fight BJP, they know they will attack you 24 hours a day,” Gandhi said.

Mr Gandhi said the prime minister was not ready to discuss the matter with protesters working to demand a “hunger strike,” but would do so if they belonged to the Left.

He then visited rank holders protesting in front of the state secretariat and listened to their complaints.

“If you were a young Keralite, you would have to fight for work,” Gandhi said at the rally.

Gandhi said he learned a lot from Kerala and understood a little about “people’s wisdom” here while speaking at the final rally of “Aishwariyayatra”.

“For the first 15 years I was a member of the Northern Parliament, so I was used to another type of politics, and for me it was very refreshing to come to Kerala.

Suddenly, I realized that people were interested in the problem, so I explained it in detail, not just superficially. ”

Gandhi told the rally while talking to some students in the United States recently that he said he “really enjoys” going to Kerala for “the way you do politics.”

“Recently I was talking to some American students. He said that going to Kerala is really fun and I love going to Wayanad. Of course there is love there, so it’s not just love. No, but it’s your way. Your politics. ”

Gandhi elaborated on the party’s parliamentary campaign plan, saying that parliament is preparing a manifesto of people, and the leader is meeting thousands of people and asking what they want. ..

“Our manifesto includes cashless treatment. Nothing destroys insurance for everyone and the lives of fishermen. Nothing destroys the lives of farmers like Prime Minister Modi. There is no line to say that everything is for our organization. ”

The meeting here in Shangamaam was attended by thousands of members of the United Democratic Front (UDF) led by Parliament.

Various UDF leaders such as PK Kunhalikutty, PJ Joseph, Parliamentary leaders Tariq Anwar, KC Venugopal, Mullappally Ramachandran, Oommen Chandy and MM Hassan addressed the conference.

Rahul Gandhi rang a trumpet in Kerala, blamed BJP, leftist government

Source link Rahul Gandhi rang a trumpet in Kerala, blamed BJP, leftist government

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