PUBG Mobile India may be more popular than FAU-G, pre-registration number tips

PUBG Mobile India is coming back soon and may be more popular than FAU-G. (Image: YouTube)

Data from the TapTap gaming community suggests that the numbers are unofficial, but general interest may be hearing more appeal to PUBG Mobile India than FAU-G.

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PUBG Mobile is a brand new avatar ready to come back to the country. The all-new version of PUBG Mobile India is expected to make many changes to gameplay and get official permission to go live again, but it will be up and running soon. Currently, according to a recent report, PUBG Mobile will soon premiere the Indian combat game FAU-G, despite being absent for several months due to the ban on Indian cyberspace. It may enjoy similar popularity in the country.

Indicator reports are courtesy of TapTap, a mobile gaming and game-sharing community. The site, which pre-registers for soon-to-be-released mobile games, appears to have already pre-registered over 200,000 on PUBG Mobile India prior to its release on the Android and iOS platforms. In comparison, FAU-G, an Indian combat game designed by nCore backed by Vishal Gondal, is reported to have had approximately 60,000 registrations so far. The latter numbers come from unconfirmed sources, and News18 was unable to confirm the pre-registered numbers for either PUBG Mobile India or FAU-G at the time of writing. TapTap’s online portal also doesn’t seem to be available at the time the story is published.

However, given the indicators, it’s clear that PUBG Mobile India seems to enjoy many times the advantage in that it’s popular with domestic gamers. The Indian government has not yet issued a formal license after PUBG Mobile was banned in the country due to its relationship with Chinese servers, but PUBG Corp’s official announcement on PUBG Mobile India will sooner or later game India. Means to return to the store.

PUBG Mobile is considered a pioneering game that has opened up the Indian game ecosystem and has helped establish the game as a serious industry of interest to investors. Gamers and game industry stakeholders argued that the Indian gaming ecosystem continued to evolve with and without PUBG Mobile, but the ban on gaming brought dampers to the overall spirit of domestic gamers. It was. From now on, it will be interesting to see if the number of PUBG Mobile India and FAU-G TapTap pre-registrations actually reflects the game’s ground popularity.

PUBG Mobile India may be more popular than FAU-G, pre-registration number tips

Source link PUBG Mobile India may be more popular than FAU-G, pre-registration number tips

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