Proud that Kate Cross is part of “history”

Three years after the idea for the unique 100-ball tournament was announced, it came to fruition when Oval Invincibles Women hosted Manchester Originals at Kia Oval at The Hundred Contest on Wednesday. The ECB’s new service has attracted many star players from the coasts of India, South Africa and the West Indies, but most importantly it advertises putting female players on par with male games. ..

For Manchester Originals captain Kate Cross, the concept is “a great night for women’s cricket,” the most equal tournament she has ever participated in in her career.Talk to ESPNcricinfo, Cross said, “I’m looking forward to playing cricket,” and stopped talking for a while. “Cricket is cricket. As a team, we said it would take care of itself,” she insisted.

Bowlers in England remembered that the female cricket scene as a kid was “not really a problem.” And it was never an ambition for her to “make history” by playing in front of a crowded crowd at The Oval. However, the 29-year-old believes she is very fortunate to be part of the “generation of cricketers” who was given the opportunity to do things for the first time. It may not be possible to “revolutionize” the cricket game, but I think it’s a great opportunity to “get there” and “try it for the first time.”

When the conversation touched on equal prizes and equal wages, Cross said he “absolutely believes” that the new tournament will serve as a “massive foothold” for women’s cricket.

Cross wiped out the comparison with men and suggested a way to “go until we have a perfect level of foothold with men.” She further explained that it’s shameful to discuss anything other than cricket, as the tournament is only one day old. However, pacemakers believe that tournaments help move the game forward, allow more girls to participate, and are accustomed to money. It’s also a “positive thing” born from the tournament.

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Proud that Kate Cross is part of “history”

Source link Proud that Kate Cross is part of “history”

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