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Proceedings with 2020? Check out this fun new web series at Godrej L’Affaire

Arjun Bijlani, Shivangi Joshi, Surbhi Chandana, Gurmeet Choudhary & Debina Bonnerjee, Amol Parashar, Smriti Khanna, Aashka Goradia Goble and Kunal Vijayakar are all here to celebrate the terrifying year of 2020. Do not do so as everyone is working together for # LiveItUp2021, an eight-part web series conceptualized and created by the Godrej Group.

2020 will be anthropomorphized by actress comedian Jamie Lever. This digital series will be released exclusively in the 5th edition of God Regila Fire, India’s coolest lifestyle, offering great discounts on lots of music, mastic and lifestyle brands.

Released on February 14th on Godrej L’Affaire’s Instagram and Facebook page (@godrejlaffaire), the innovative mini-web series looks at 2020 in a fun and conversational way.

The fifth season of Godrej L’Affaire is to bring India back to life with livestreaming sessions, exclusive web content launches, flash contests, and generous best deals and offers.

The web series was conceived as a quirky court theater for viewers to see 2020, played by Jamie Lever, and brought to court the turmoil caused by this year’s life, from travel and dining to parenting and care, lifestyle nuances. ..

For example, Amol Parashar sues 2020 to canned all travel plans. Kunal Vijayakar seeks revenge on behalf of foodies who had to cook themselves. Aashka Goradia Goble represents our love for fitness and mental health.

Duo Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina Bonnerjee keep in mind that they are not posture-friendly towards 2020, and Arjun Bijlani will ensure that their “safe waali sensation” is regained.

There is Shivangi Josie fighting for the rights of our beauty routine, Smility Kanna will be the voice of her blocked parents. Fashionista Surbhi Chandna sues 2020 for dressing us in PJ day and night.

The “judge,” played by radio presenter Sharma G, also known as Gaurav Sharma, will hear the discussion before making a verdict at the end of each episode.

Sugit Patil, Vice President of the Godrej Group and Head of Corporate Brands & Communications, said: Virtual worlds, on the other hand, have paved the way for so many innovative ways to build equally influential connections. The launch of this fun web series with seamless brand integration is one example. Concepts and storytelling create compelling stories for viewers and create an even more immersive God Regila Fair experience in a year that you can’t personally participate in. “

This series focuses on the challenges and hardships of 2020 through its eccentric story. Not only will it make the viewer laugh, but it will connect with the viewer as every character demands a reward from 2020.

“Repayment Caro in 2020” is the cry of a plaintiffs’ rally, each with its own reason to sue for the year. But who will win? That is a mystery.

Visit Godrej L’Affaire’s Facebook page and Instagram handle @godrejlaffaire for a webisode. You can also access Godrej L’Affaire by clicking https://bit.ly/3r8llIB.

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Proceedings with 2020? Check out this fun new web series at Godrej L’Affaire

Source link Proceedings with 2020? Check out this fun new web series at Godrej L’Affaire

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